Top 8 Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 


Living in Brooklyn has many incredible positives; public transportation, fantastic food, and cultural events are some of them. However, with these positives also come highs and lows, such as living with noise pollution or being too far from your office. So how do you decide where to live knowing that each area has pros and cons.

Many Brooklyn residents are captivated by the prospect of living in a specific neighborhood. However, finding a community that meets your needs for schools, safety and amenities can be tricky. This is especially true if you have children. Here are the top 8 Brooklyn neighborhoods that we recommend for families.

1. Ditmas Park
Ditmas Park, an upscale neighborhood between Prospect Park and Flatbush, is one of the best places for families to live in Brooklyn. It’s a lovely area that boasts good schools, safety, and excellent transportation options. It’s filled with great restaurants, public … Read More

Million Dollar Pound Cake – A Southern Soul


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Million Dollar Pound Cake is buttery, soft, has rich flavors of vanilla and almond, and is a dessert that’s worthy of its name! This classic recipe not only looks impressive but also tastes amazing and, believe it or not, is very simple to make with just 7 ingredients.

Slice of Million Dollar Pound Cake on a white plate along with sliced of cake served for dessert.

It’s kind of hard to describe just how over-the-top delicious this cake is. Yes, it has a strange name, but honestly, after just one bite, you might think that you’ve won the lottery, found a pot of gold, or at a minimum, savored amazing pound cake.

Million Dollar Pound Cake is a classic style pound cake made with pantry ingredients. The trick is to have just the right amount of each of those ingredients to make a truly delicious cake.

I’m not sure what I like best about this pound cake. Is it the crunchy topping

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Farmed Salmon Just as Toxic to Human Health as Junk Food


(Over and above Pesticides, June 16, 2022) Farmed salmon serves as an inferior meals source, accumulating additional harmful chemical compounds in fatty tissue with much less healthy nutrient properties based mostly on a research from the University of Bergen, Norway and Different Medicine Critique. Having said that, the problem of toxic chemical contamination in fish dates back again a long time with investigations demonstrating high stages of persistent natural pollutants (POPs), which include polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) flame retardants restricted or banned in the U.S. and U.K., polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs), dioxin (a by-product of pesticide manufacturing), and ethoxyquin (a pesticide preservative in fish feed). The aquaculture industry (e.g., farmed seafood/fish) continuously faces sustainability troubles, failing to adhere to environmental laws and threatening maritime wellness. Substantial use of pesticides in area marine ecosystems has induced coastal habitat loss and increased genetic and wellbeing risks to wild maritime populations. In

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OPINION: Half-baked plan is nowhere near a food strategy


8:30 PM June 14, 2022

Supplied the globally challenges of food stuff security, a serious value-of-dwelling crisis which implies a lot of Britons are getting to decide on amongst feeding on and heating, a continual lack of workers to convey in our harvests thank to Brexit, and a looming weather crisis which is prompted in no compact aspect by the food items production business, the point that Britain doesn’t have a food stuff approach is breath-getting.

The governing administration promises to concur, and on Monday they posted a document which they claimed fulfilled that purpose. Sadly, like so substantially of what we are advised is ‘world-beating’, the ‘plan’ which we have been offered with is insufficient, and does not go anywhere in close proximity to mentioning – permit by itself tackling – the country’s food stuff problems.

The significant proposal appears to be that we should be having more

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