Soft & Thick Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe


These soft, thick, melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookies may be the only peanut butter cookie recipe you ever use again. You need just 9 ingredients and the dough can be adapted in many ways to make different variations like peanut butter blossoms and peanut butter jam thumbprints.

This recipe has lived on my site for years and some readers say the cookies taste like the inside of a peanut butter cup. YUM!

Why hello there, peanut butter cookie lovers. You’ve come to the right place! This may look familiar, as I have shared a number of peanut butter cookie recipes over the years. But believe me when I say this one is the one to keep in the front of your recipe folder.

This go-to, flagship peanut butter cookies recipe has lived on my website since 2012 and is the same dough used to make these popular peanut butter blossoms among

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Is organic food better for the climate?


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Organic food promises to be healthier and more sustainable. The European Union plans to reach organic production on 25 percent of its agricultural land by 2030, up from 9.1 percent in 2020. The United States, in contrast, isn’t putting big bets on organic, which still represents less than 1 percent of total American farmland. Instead, the USDA promotes climate-smart agriculture by investing $1 billion in regenerative commodity pilot projects. But which is the better move?

Organic requires too much land 

Organic farming isn’t more climate-friendly than conventional agriculture when looking strictly at emissions. In a comparative analysis of the environmental impacts of different agricultural production systems, Michael Clark and David Tilman at the University of Minnesota found that “organic and conventional systems did not significantly differ in their

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Quick Bruschetta Chicken – Just a Taste


Keep it fast and fresh with a 6-ingredient recipe for Quick Bruschetta Chicken starring juicy chicken breasts topped with a refreshing tomato-basil salad.

White plates containing bruschetta chicken and rotini pesto pasta

I’m always on the hunt for easy but impressive ways to transform ordinary chicken breasts into something extraordinary. Fast, fresh and flavor-packed? I’ve got the the answer to our dinner dilemma: Quick Bruschetta Chicken!

Bruschetta has taken on many unique forms around here, from a breakfast staple to a pizza topping (and even a dessert.) It’s safe to say that if it involves fresh tomatoes, basil and some sort of crusty carb, I’ve conquered it.

Seared chicken breasts in nonstick skillet

How to Make Bruschetta Chicken

I’ve kept this one extra-simple with just six basic ingredients and endless options for customizations. For once, I’ve decided to skip the carbs and traded them in for moist, garlicky chicken breast. This chicken is the perfect canvas for that bowl-o-jewels below. You’ll want to make sure

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Glasgow vegan junk food pop-up coming to west end with burgers and loaded fries


Vegans will soon get to enjoy a mouthwatering new food pop up in the west end of Glasgow with the arrival of Rabbit Food.

Cooking the best of “junk food made from plants”, Rabbit Food have already amassed a sizeable social media following on account of their delicious-looking scran.

They specialise in “filthy” burgers and “dirty” fries, which will all be coming to 1051 GWR on Great Western Road at the start of June.

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No doubt they’ll be inundated with orders for the likes of the Parmageddon chicken burger, Mac and Jack fries, topped with signature gooey, cheesy macaro-nae cheese and house made buckfast BBQ jackfruit or the stacked ‘Livin’ Fajita Loca’ Mexican burger.

Having toured Scotland, Rabbit Food have now announced their arrival in Glasgow from June 3 to 5 and say:

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