Toughest Summer Job: Cooking in a hot food truck | WFRV Local 5

(WFRV) – The aroma of burgers cooking… It’s a smell that goes hand in hand with summer.  Now just imagine cooking those burgers in a baking hot food truck.

“Your days get very long very easily, so you got to be organized,” says Cole Ductan, the owner of the Bay Area Burger Food Truck. His food truck specializes in cooking smashburgers and fries that will leave you craving for more.

And while the days are long, they’re also sizzling in the summer with temperatures frequently soaring over 100 degrees inside their truck. The summertime heat can make the food truck feel like an oven, but it also affects when customers are eating.

Ductan points out, “If it is too hot people are going to tend to eat later, so you know if you set-up at 4

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Ludacris is cooking in the kitchen on new streaming show

Mitchell R. Lajoie

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ludacris can rap, write songs, and act. He just can’t cook, and no, opening cans and slapping together bologna or grilled cheese sandwiches doesn’t count.

Back in his days of, as he says, not having “two nickels to rub together,” Ludacris would throw together whatever he could find, chow down and get back to his music.

“When men like myself are hungry, we just want to eat,” he said Thursday on a video call. “We don’t want to take 30 minutes to an hour to cook.”

He’s finally upping his skills in the kitchen in “Luda Can’t Cook,” a one-hour special that debuts Feb. 25 on the discovery+ plus streaming service. He gets schooled by chef Meherwan Irani, who introduces Ludacris to international flavors and techniques.

“It was an eye-opener and so many lightbulb moments for me,” he said.

Ludacris isn’t the only entertainer in the

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What Is a Tagine? | Shopping : Food Network

Mitchell R. Lajoie

Both the conical earthenware pot and the dish prepared in that cooking vessel share the name of tagine. History tells us that the nomads in North Africa used this timeless pot as a “portable oven,” which allowed them to prepare food while moving from one place to another. Due to its ancient nomadic origins, the tagine dish is from Berber cuisine. However, over the centuries, the dish was influenced by different civilizations including Arab, Moorish and Ottoman and became one of the most emblematic dishes of Moroccan cuisine.

Tagines were formerly placed on an open fire for cooking, creating an oven of sorts with two pieces: a wide, shallow base and a conical-shaped cover that fits the base to create a seal. While the food is being cooked, steam rises into the cone, condenses and then falls back down into the dish to continuously baste the dish.


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Long term effects of Food Poisoning

You’ll often hear dietitians and public health officials talk about food safety: 

• “Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold”

• warnings about food borne illness and food recalls

• proper food storage and cooking temperatures 

Therapeutic Massage

• don’t drink raw milk or eat raw meat

• don’t contaminate cooked foods with raw meat or poultry

• wash fruits and vegetables before preparing or eating

• don’t eat canned food if the can is bulging, punctured or rusting

Why is this important? Food poisoning caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites may cause illness like nausea, vomiting, fever, and an upset stomach that could last a few hours or days, or the effects could also be much more severe and long lasting. 

Cases of food poisoning can lead to hospitalization and even death. Some individuals experience longer term issues like arthritis, kidney failure, brain and nerve damage, and irritable bowel syndrome. 

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