A Must-Have In Latin Cuisine

Wooden spoons are among the most universal cooking instruments, with countless design variations since ancient times. Next to pottery, beads, and textile fibers, archaeologists have discovered these sculptural spoons in Egyptian tombs as well as preserved Bronze Age buildings in Northern Europe, demonstrating how this tool has been a part of the broad human experience for millennia.

But let’s talk wood. Whether it’s for artistic (hello woodworking), practical, or culinary purposes, wooden spoons’ appeal in Latin America isn’t just about the host of shapes, grips, and sizes available for the task at hand. The types of wood, finish, and environmental impact (biodegradable, renewably-sourced, compostable, etc.) are some essential factors when choosing a wooden spoon.

Some of the most durable, beautiful hardwoods (think olive, maple, and even tree-like bamboo) come from temperate forests and are generally characterized by their uniquely attractive grain or striation. In Costa Rica, for example,

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The Finest Food plan Primarily based On Your Star Sign… And Why Carb

It is our purpose to supply the best, most healthful Chinese eating expertise in Richmond and we uarantee it! What this means for you is that you can get shorter ready times after you order initially, and often hotter meals will arrive than what you’ll get if the entire meal arrived at one time. However it additionally means your favourite side dish and even your favorite major course won’t arrive until the center or near the tip of your meal! This is perhaps frustrating if you must wait for your favorites, but you may tell the waiter beforehand what you wish to be introduced out first.

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Worldwise: Mediterranean Cooking Expert Suzy Karadsheh’s Favorite Things

Hailing from the bustling coastal Egyptian city of Port Said, just a boat ride away from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and elsewhere,
Suzy Karadsheh
is a daughter of the Mediterranean.

Karadsheh’s journey led her to the Atlanta area, where she oversees The Mediterranean Dish, a popular food blog that receives millions of monthly visits. 

“Growing up on the Mediterranean, coupled with my parents’ love for hospitality, instilled in me a passion for cooking and sharing. I grew up visiting the local markets with my father, where I spent a lot of time meandering the busy narrow streets talking to merchants and smelling, touching, and learning about what was in season and the best fish to buy,” Karadsheh says. 

Karadsheh brought her love of Mediterranean cuisine with her when she moved to the U.S. at age 17. After completing her education, she embarked on a career in corporate marketing and

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Sweden ahead of Denmark in the public sector organic food race

Mitchell R. Lajoie
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Sweden takes first, Denmark second and Norway lags at the bottom when it comes to how much organic food is served in canteens, kindergartens and other public sector workplaces across the three Nordic nations. This, according to the results of a new report by the University of Copenhagen. The report details plenty of potential for expanding the conversion to organic food service in the Danish public sector—a topic of discussion across the EU at the moment.

Plate with potatoes and beef

The governments of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are all keen on ramping up the amount of organic food being served in their hospital kitchens, kindergartens, canteens and other institutions. Doing so benefits the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare, not to mention that consumers are demanding organic. A new report by the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Food and Resource Economics compares the performance of these

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