Cooking Battles Round One: Burger Showdown

Do you think you can make the best burgers in the game? Has that smash burger style influenced you? Do you have a good bacon-to-sauce-to-cheese ratio? How are those buns looking? Buttered? Steamed? Toasted?

UPROXX’s new series, Cooking Battles, based on our viral editorial series, pits two cooks against each other to see if they have the chops to wow with their food. People’s Party’s Jasmin Leigh is on hand to judge the first showdown.

Episode one opens with food writer, influencer, and home-cook Caitlin Sakdalan (@befatbehappy) facing off against L.A. pop-up chef Ralph Degala (@ralphdegala) in the ultimate burger battle. Each chef’s burger was inspired by a drawing from a younger member of their families, meaning creative interpretation levels were running high. From there, each chef went their own way in how they put together their burger. Chef Degala focused on making

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Sixth Circuit Data Privacy Litigation Claims

Mitchell R. Lajoie

A federal court recently refused to apply the economic loss rule to limit claims brought against a fast-food chain in the wake of a massive data breach.  This case serves as a useful reminder of the variety of claims (and defenses) that can come up in data privacy litigation.  In re Sonic Corp. Customer Data Sec. Breach Litig., No. 1:17-md-2807, 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 9516 (N.D. Ohio Jan. 19, 2021).  Read on below.

In 2017, unidentified third parties accessed Sonic customers’ payment card data.  The hackers purportedly obtained customer payment card information from more than three-hundred Sonic Drive-Ins.  Litigation followed, which was consolidated into multidistrict litigation (“MDL”).

In the consolidated complaint filed in the MDL, Sonic customers alleged that their personal information had been exposed to criminals and was at risk of future misuse.  Some of the customers alleged that they had been victims of identity theft and fraudulent charges

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Mets star Pete Alonso talks home runs, grilling,

It’s safe to say that Pete Alonso’s sophomore season will be nothing like this Rookie of the Year-winning, record-setting 2019. Nothing in baseball is like it was a year ago.

In the pandemic, baseball looks much different — no fans in stadiums, no spitting from players, piped in fake crowd noise, masks on the field and even frowned-upon homer celebrations. It will make MLB’s 60-game 2020 season completely unique. 

But with opening day here, there aren’t too many people more excited than Alonso, whose New York Mets start the season Friday against the Atlanta Braves. After slugging 53 homers, a rookie record, the 25-year-old Alonso is now hungry for a championship run.

He’s also just really hungry. Alonso loves to cook — he calls it a therapeutic and a way to express himself — so when he chatted with Yahoo Sports as part of his new partnership with Kingsford,

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Dolly Parton reveals her favorite food and cooking habits

“Every diet I ever fell off of has been because of a potato.”

For one thing, the singer shared that she’s got a major weakness for potatoes, in pretty much any form.

“Every diet I ever fell off of has been because of a potato,” Parton admitted. “Either French fries, or mashed potatoes, or baked potatoes. Potato, potato, potato! I never met a spud I didn’t like.”

Fortunately for her, it seems like Parton’s perfectly capable of whipping up any potato variant she’s craving right in her own kitchen. Elsewhere in the interview, the singer said that even though she’s a busy performer and recording artist, she still makes time for good old home cooking

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