Everything You Need to Know About the World Food Championships Coming to Dallas this Fall

Mitchell R. Lajoie

click to enlarge More than 1,500 chefs will compete this November at Fair Park. - WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIP

More than 1,500 chefs will compete this November at Fair Park.

World Food Championship

After a highly successful event in Dallas in 2019, the World Food Championships (WFC), a high-stakes food competition, is returning to Big D for its 2021 throwdown. ABC News called WFC the “Olympics of Food,” and the three-day event will bring excitement and opportunities for competitors, tasters and spectators alike.

More than 1,500 chefs are expected to battle it out for cash prizes in 20 categories Nov. 5-7 at Fair Park. Winning a category can mean $10,000 or more, not to mention the chance to appear on well-known food shows and a shot at becoming the next hot celebrity chef.

For those who prefer to remain spectators in the world of food sports, tickets to the event will offer plenty of

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Slow-cooked beef plus other seriously comforting stews

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Padma Lakshmi cooks up a children’s book with a message

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This cover image released by Viking Books for Young Readers shows “Tomatoes for Neela,” a children’s book written by Padma Lakshmi, with illustrations by Juana Martinez-Neal. The book mixes the author’s memories of cooking with her family with practical food advice, a nod to farmworkers and even a pair of recipes. (Viking Books for Young Readers via AP)


Neela is a young girl who loves cooking with her mom. Saturday is her favorite day of the week. That’s the day they go to the green market.

So begins Padma Lakshmi’s charming entry into the world of children’s book, “Tomatoes For Neela,” which mixes the author’s memories of family cooking with practical food advice, a nod to farmworkers and even a pair of recipes.

“It is just a very small personal story that centers around a young single mother who also is a recipe writer like me,” says

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What Exactly Is Sous Vide Cooking?

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Photo credit: jon11 - Getty Images

Photo credit: jon11 – Getty Images

“Sous vide” is a French term that translates to “under vacuum.” This type of cooking works by putting food in a plastic bag or container, removing all the air and cooking, sealed, under water at a specific temperature.

Sous vide can be used to cook almost anything and offers precise results that are tender, juicy and almost impossible to overcook. It’s ideal for a variety of foods, including expensive pieces of meat, like steak, that you want to cook just right; larger, cheaper cuts of meat that you want to melt on your tongue; perfectly cooked veggies, custardy desserts and more.

You can’t beat the convenience, either: It offers a hands-off cooking experience, making it a great option for parties since your food can cook to perfection while you prep something else. It can also save you money since you can buy cheaper larger

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