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Whether we like them or not, green leafy vegetables are extremely nutritionally dense and great for the body. Watercress is no exception. So today, I am here to discuss the best watercress substitutes. 

While watercress is an extremely nutritionally dense leafy vegetable, it can sometimes be hard to find. There can also be situations where you simply run out of the same. For that, you can easily use a substitute, and this article will help you with the best watercress substitutes. 

I am sure you must be wondering, what are the best substitutes for watercress? The best watercress substitutes are arugula, endives, spinach, radish sprouts, dandelion greens, kale, radicchio, collard greens, and beet greens. 

Although, before we start discussing the substitutes, let me tell you a little more about the watercress itself. Some information about this leafy vegetable will definitely help you better with picking your substitute. 

Quick Peek: Watercress

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Organic Strawberries Recalled After Being Potentially Linked to Hepatitis A Outbreak



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A Hepatitis A outbreak has probably been brought on by natural and organic strawberries.

The Foods and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disorder Regulate and two foods and community health organizations in Canada are investigating an outbreak of Hepatitis A throughout the U.S. and Canada. The amount of bacterial infections are likely connected to FreshKampo and HEB natural strawberries acquired in between March 5 and April 25.

Some of the preferred shops the produce was marketed at include Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Aldi and Safeway.

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Whilst the strawberries are past shelf daily life, the Fda advises all those who froze the identical strawberry items to not eat them and toss them absent. If you do not bear in mind when you froze the produce or what brand of strawberries you purchased, the

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A Recipe For Just Two Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies Joy the Baker


two giant chocolate chip cookies

I accidentally went down a rabbit hole a few weeks back.  One afternoon, in a sweet tooth induced mania, I made a small batch of truly giant chocolate chip cookies. The cookie dough came together in a small saucepan, the chocolate almost too melty, and the cookies about the size of my literal face. They were truly unhinged for small batch baking so, of course, I must now share these cookies with all of you.  Here is the small batch chocolate chip cookie, the afternoon pick-me-up, the midnight snack, the stress bake of the year.  You’ll want to commit this recipe to memory.  With cookies this good, the recipe list will be engraved in your mind in no time.

Catch me and my small batch recipes on Instagram: making two (and just two) giant cookies, making one single cinnamon roll, and making two (and just two) lemon poppy

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Tesco and Sainsbury’s to drop junk food multibuy deals – what this means for you


Tesco and Sainsbury’s have stated they will ditch multibuy deals on junk meals later on this year, regardless of a modern governing administration U-transform on bringing in a ban.

The federal government had been owing to limit the advertising and advertising of multibuy specials on foods higher in unwanted fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) this 12 months, but declared before this month it had delayed the ideas for the reason that of the price of residing disaster.

In England, almost two thirds of grown ups and one particular 3rd of small children leaving most important college are classed as obese or obese, and for yrs health and fitness industry experts (which include Which?) have been contacting on the authorities to prohibit low-priced junk food items specials, which are typically prominently positioned in shops.

The prepared limits were element of the government’s obesity approach, introduced in 2020. They were being

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