Smooth and Creamy Homemade Hummus


A bowl of creamy hummus drizzled with olive oil on a plate.

This is how I get my children to eat vegetables daily: every day around 4 o’clock pm, I set out a platter of raw vegetables, often some combination of sliced bell peppers, baby carrots (yes, the smooth-edged pellets sold in the wet bag), snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and spears of salted cucumbers. The selection will vary seasonally, but those are the mainstays.

I don’t announce to the family the vegetables have arrived, I simply set out the veggies with a bowl of hummus on the side, and before long, the children gravitate toward the table and start munching.

I learned this “trick” from my friend Vicki, who pointed out a twofold benefit: 1. If your kid is picky (or likes control), this allows the kid to choose what he or she likes. And 2. If you don’t get around to making a vegetable for dinner, whatever vegetables remain on the

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summer ricotta with grilled vegetables – smitten kitchen


Letter of recommendation: Make ricotta this summer. I was originally going to write “Ditch the burrata and make some ricotta this summer,” but neither wish to besmirch burrata nor do I plan to go tomato season without it. Should a burrata tree (it grows on trees, or must based on the frequency in which it appears) spontaneously appear on my terrace, I will be the happiest and most popular girl in all of the Lower East Side this summer. But since like most of us, I’m still buying it at stores where it’s quite expensive, spoils quickly, and is only sometimes spectacular, I’m here to make the argument that homemade ricotta is not only rich, delicious, and a cinch to make, but that in almost all of the places we’re serving burrata, ricotta* would be deliciously welcome too.

summer ricotta grilled vegetables-01

summer ricotta grilled vegetables-02summer ricotta grilled vegetables-03summer ricotta grilled vegetables-04summer ricotta grilled vegetables-05summer ricotta grilled vegetables-06summer ricotta grilled vegetables-07summer ricotta grilled vegetables-08

Plus, it’s an incredible potuck addition or host gift, and you get

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Junk Food Consumption Among Teenagers Declined During Pandemic


Throughout the pandemic, the ingestion of ultra-processed meals among the youngsters in the US dropped, unveiled a research.

The study, presented at ENDO 2022, mentioned that the drop in junk food intake among the young people took spot in the wake of several unprecedented adjustments introduced by the pandemic, which include the closure of faculties, social constraints, and the change to working from residence.

‘Energy drinks, potato chips, sugary sodas and candy are regarded as ultra-processed and are greatly connected to rising being overweight and growing waistlines.’

“We identified that teenagers’ intake of these foods has diminished appreciably throughout Covid-19,” said guide researcher Maria Balhara of Broward Faculty in Davie, Florida.

“Even more, the lower has been sustainable and continued its downward pattern even immediately after easing pandemic restrictions,” Balhara additional.

Extremely-Processed Foodstuff Use Among the Young adults

Former exploration has identified that extremely-processed foods consumption now includes 67% of

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The Hoppings ride and food prices as the fair returns to Newcastle with its first ever bar


The sun made a fleeting appearance to welcome the return of The Hoppings on Friday and while it proved elusive over the rest of the opening afternoon, the weather remained warm and mostly dry for its first arrivals – save for a, very brief, spot of rain in the air.

The long-running fair is back on Newcastle Town Moor under a different manager, fairground operator Crow Events, which has added major new attraction – a first bar and street food village, called Feast Street – which takes up space at the centre of the site near where The Hoppings was officially launched on Friday after by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle.

Coun Karen Robinson welcomed its comeback, following the two years of cancellations due to the pandemic, and pointed out that this is its 140-year anniversary. And returning visitors will find a new car parking system as well as more

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