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Cracker Barrel Sawmill Gravy is delicious over biscuits and chicken fried steak. White sawmill gravy made with bacon grease and seasoned with black pepper is soul-satisfying southern comfort food.

copycat Cracker Barrel sawmill gravy over biscuits and in a bowl.

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What Is Sawmill Gravy? 

Sawmill Gravy is a traditional Southern variation of a Béchamel sauce that folks often serve on top of country fried steak or biscuits. It consists of milk or cream, meat grease, flour, salt, and plenty of pepper. It can be either a white or light brown gravy, depending on the fat used (butter or meat drippings).

Why Is It Called Sawmill Gravy?

As a hearty and cheap meal, Sawmill Gravy was a popular meal for cooks to serve at logging camps and old-time sawmills during the 1800s. It was commonly made with cornmeal, bacon drippings, milk, and seasonings. Because it was gritty gravy,

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Roquette launches organic pea and fava protein range


Roquette suggests fava and pea proteins are increasingly preferred between shoppers for their well being and sustainability added benefits.

Natural and organic use, meanwhile, is now the third greatest health and fitness declare, according to an Innova study.

The organization advised FoodNavigator that the two proteins utilized in combination makes it possible for it to superior answer consumer and consumers’ anticipations in terms of textures, designs and style.

“It’s a new step in Roquette’s journey to produce a new gastronomy that build for consumers alternative selections and the possibility to delight in much more activities,”​ a spokesperson reported, adding: “Thanks to its numerous shapes, Roquette natural and organic textured vary of products and solutions will help the creativity of foods innovators.”

Roquette labored with Chef Morten Fenger to produce and strengthen the options of this new textured assortment. “The new organic Roquette plant-protein selection enables me to switch

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Date Shake –


It’s a healthy dessert day! This rich and creamy Date Shake tastes like an old-fashioned vanilla milkshake with a kiss of cinnamon, but it’s made with frozen bananas, dates, and almond butter.

a glass with a thick date banana shake

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My love for milkshakes began in my childhood, when my dad would make vanilla shakes in the blender for my sisters and me as a special post-dinner treat.

The milkshake affair continued on to high school, where every weekend, my friends and I would end the night at the one and only 24-hour diner on our side of town.

My order was always a large milkshake.

I’d pressure my then-boyfriend into ordering fries so that I could dip them. (I KNOW. I’m one of those fry-in-the Frosty people.)

In college, I worked at a late-night on-campus eatery, where I became intimately acquainted with the shake needs of

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Irish families are spending four times as much on junk food as they are on vegetables


IRISH people are forking out an ordinary of €160 for every month on junk food, according to a new research.

Figures from supermarkets reveals that family members with kids spent on ordinary approximately €746 on groceries in April 2022.


Irish people are shelling out €160 month to month on junk food stuffCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Of this, €159 (21 for each cent) was put in on foods like biscuits, crisps and chocolate.

In distinction, a mere €49 (6.6 for each cent) was expended on fruit and €37 (5 for each cent) on veggies.

These effects display an increase from earlier exploration, highlighting the surge in the consumption of harmful foods.

The stats have been highlighted by Safefood as they released their Get started campaign alongside the HSE and Wholesome Ireland.

The campaigns aims to inspire moms and dads to lessen the total of treats supplied to little

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