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Double Chocolate Brownies from Scratch

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My Double Chocolate Brownies Recipe from Scratch is a healthy gluten free dessert that tastes exactly like the real thing, if not better.

You’ll get more than brownies from this recipe!

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First, you’ll find out why we love these child-friendly brownies. Second, I’ll teach you how to turn this into a Weed Brownies recipe, and finally, you’ll get to hear a bit about my thoughts on marijuana and cannabis in general.

Brownies Recipe from Scratch

For starters, my husband and the boys go bonkers for my Double Chocolate Brownies from Scratch sans cannabis.

They adore this gooey treat, and I love that this easy gluten free brownies recipe is beyond simple!

Brownies Recipe Simple

I love that the ingredients for this easy brownies recipe go directly from food processor, to baking dish, to oven, in under 10 minutes.

Recipe for Brownies with Walnuts

Made with just a few ingredients, including a nut free base of coconut flour and sweetened with maple syrup, my brownies with walnuts have a rich flavor and wonderful crunch.

Allergic to Nuts

Don’t fret! If you’re allergic to nuts, leave the walnuts out for a divinely dense brownies recipe from scratch that everyone can enjoy.

Need more support? Check out my Nut Free Recipes page, or grab a copy of Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry –more than two-thirds of the recipes in the book are nut free and perfect for those allergic to nuts.

What is in Brownies?

Some brownie recipes use cocoa powder, not this one. The chocolate flavor comes from dark chocolate chips ground down in the food processor, and they make this recipe extra rich.

Now, on to the recipe! Gluten free brownies from scratch, here we come.

Double Chocolate Brownies from Scratch

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  • Place ½ cup chocolate chips in food processor and pulse until the consistency of coarse sand
  • Pulse in coconut flour, salt, and baking soda until combined

  • Pulse in eggs, maple syrup, grapeseed oil, and vanilla

  • Pour batter into a greased 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  • Sprinkle walnuts and remaining chocolate chips over batter

  • Bake at 350°F for 25-30 minutes

  • Cool and serve

Prep Time 10 mins

Cook Time 25 mins

Total Time 35 mins

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Weed Brownie

What could be better than a heavenly chocolate dessert that’s a one-bowl recipe? Hmm, let me think about that.

How about DIY Weed Brownies? Yes, they can be all yours, and you can make them at home. I haven’t baked them myself, but my dear friend Karin Lazarus is here to help!

Edibles with THC

According to Karin Lazarus, Queen of Cannabis, my Double Chocolate Brownies Recipe from Scratch can be converted to an edible with THC fairly easily.

Weed Infused Butter

All you need to do is replace the fat in this recipe with weed infused butter, and you’re off to the races.

You can buy Karin’s book below, or if enough of you are interested, I’ll do a write up of her weed infused butter recipe in another post here on the website.

Leave a comment if you want to learn to make edibles with THC using homemade weed butter.

Sweet Mary Jane Recipes: Bake and Get Baked

Karin is the author of Sweet Mary Jane, 75 High End Cannabis Desserts –this treasure trove of gourmet recipes is a must-have if you want to make your own edibles with THC.

In addition to the perfect weed brownie recipe, you’ll learn to make cakes, ice cream, cookies, and more –all with weed. DIY edibles with THC, anyone?

Sweet Mary Jane Sprinkle

Edibles Chocolate

On top of authoring cookbooks, Karin manufactures and wholesales her cannabis products to dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado.

Sadly, it is not yet legal to ship weed across state lines, so you’ll have to come to Colorado if you want to buy her gorgeous, gourmet marijuana edibles.

2022 Legal Weed Map

Weed Legal States Map

Above is a map that shows states in the US where you can get legal weed. Marijuana is not legal on a federal level, but many states allow it for medical and or recreational use.

Weed Map

Weed Maps

Crazy that I even find myself writing this, but if you’re looking for “Head Shops Near Me” where you can buy legal weed, you’ll definitely find Weed Maps useful.

Fields of Weed

I’m not a weed girl myself.

That may be because when I was a girl, growing up in 1970s Northern California, weed was here, there, and everywhere. Back then, my best friends were the twins.

California Cannabis Kids

Although our town was not conservative, their mother and mine were the only ones on our block who worked. Born a few weeks apart and the daughters of feminists, we bonded quickly in the homes of our childhood on Colby Drive.

One New Year’s Eve, when we were elementary school age, we walked over to the twins’ dad’s house, a duplex on Anderson Road. Out on the counter sat someone’s brownies recipe from scratch in a square metal baking dish. We didn’t have a lot of treats in our home, so I couldn’t wait to help myself!

Brownies with Cannabis Leaf

I could not believe what my taste buds had encountered. These were the worst brownies I had ever tasted.

With the texture of dirt and aroma of hay, this was something I did not want anywhere near my tongue. My 8 year old mouth spit them out and into the kitchen sink as quickly as possible.

We had accidentally dipped into a batch of 1970s brownies packed with cannabis leaf. Let’s just say they were not the Pot Brownies recipe from Bon Apetit.

The evening was redeemed when we went back to their mom’s house and stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live, drinking Pepsi out of the can, using sweet, chewy, red licorice as our straws.

Gardens of Ganja

I could go on and tell more stories like this, such as opening drawers in our house and finding rolling paper when I was a girl or the babysitter calling in sick because her goat ate her pot plants. I will leave those for another time.

Perhaps all of this is why I don’t like to smoke or eat psychoactive marijuana. Although it can be helpful in Treating Epilepsy, it’s not my cup of tea.

What is THCA


I stick to THCA cannabis oil, which is the non-psychoactive form of weed. It’s highly anti-inflammatory and doesn’t make me high, which is perfect.

Munchies Menu

What’s on the menu for you? Have you tried cannabis? Do you use it regularly? If so, do you prefer psychoactive (getting high) or non-psychoactive? Leave a comment and let me know all about it!

This recipe for Double Chocolate Brownies from Scratch is an oldie but goodie from the archives. I first shared it in 2011.


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