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Food & Cooking,Best Diet,Best Restaurants,chinese food menu,Recipes foodIt’s our goal to supply the finest, most healthful Chinese eating experience in Richmond and we uarantee it! Staving off all sources of carbohydrates in the long term is not sustainable for many. Sassos says a failed try on the keto food regimen might find yourself in much more weight afterwards, or long-lasting damaging uncomfortable side effects from the increased dependency on fats. “If you’re a traditional wholesome individual and you’re immediately eating bacon, butter, and all of this crimson meat, it’ll have an effect on your coronary heart and overall cardiovascular system in not so great ways.” Weight biking, or the aspect of constantly weight-reduction plan simply to achieve weight again later, has been shown to be severely damaging on our psyche and may even impact longevity, particularly in young adults and youths — and critics of the keto food regimen spotlight this, as getting off the weight loss … Read More

The 7 Best Movies New to Netflix in August 2021

August on Netflix tends to be a lot like August at the movies: A sweaty grab bag of fluff, comfort food, leftovers, and “that could be interesting” question marks. Netflix Original “He’s All That” certainly falls into the first category, though we’re crossing our fingers that Mark Waters’ dubious sequel to a teen movie classic is more than just another example of a streamer exhuming whatever IP it can (that Rachael Leigh Cook is returning bodes well, but Freddie Prinze Jr.’s absence has us nervous about the film’s commitment to hacky sack-related performance art). Also waiting in the wings is the Jason Momoa action vehicle “Sweet Girl,” which stars the once and future Aquaman as a big daddy hell-bent on punishing the pharma execs he holds responsible for his wife’s death.

So far as still-unseen Netflix Originals go, August’s most promising new title is Ferdinando Cito Filomarino’s “Beckett,” which stars

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Thinking about feeding your dog raw food? Think again



Pet owners want the best for their animals, which includes feeding them the best diet possible. In recent years, many pet parents have begun turning to a fresh diet consisting of home-cooked foods — or, sometimes, food that’s completely raw. Some claim a raw food diet leads to shinier coats, healthier teeth and better overall health for dogs.

Raw food is uncooked food, mostly meat, and can be homemade by pet owners or store bought frozen. A recent study from Portugal, however, found that while commercial dog food of all types can harbor some nasty bacteria, raw dog food poses a high risk of transmitting bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, which can harm immunocompromised pets and people, while also adding to a larger public health problem of antibiotic resistance. Of the 14 commercial types of frozen raw dog food tested in the study, all 14 tested

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The Hilton Heiress Turns The Culinary World Upside Down

There are two types of series in the world; those that provide mystery and intrigue with enigmatic titles and vague plot descriptions, and Cooking With Paris. The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming “cookery” show from the kitchen of Paris Hilton really isn’t trying to fool anyone, or pull any Marvel kind of bait and switch, Cooking With Paris does exactly what it says in the tin, even if, judging by the trailer, she often can’t. While in principle, a few years ago this would have sounded like a completely self-indulgent horror show, the trailer provides just enough to suggest Netflix are about to have another huge hit on their hands.

Many people have the belief that in the confines of their own kitchen they are some kind of culinary god, but like many who have appeared on Hell’s Kitchen and served their glorious dishes to Gordon Ramsey have discovered,

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