Elijah Milligan: Today’s Obstacles For Black Chefs, From COVID-19 To Soul Food

Elijah Milligan is all about baby steps. After more than 15 years in the restaurant business, the chef is happy to note that the changes he’s been fighting for are finally taking hold across the industry. Much of that is due to what he calls his “baby,” Cooking for the Culture, a culinary network devoted to connecting and helping Black chefs all around the country. The project has made headlines through a series of pop-up dinners helmed by minority cooks — but the effort goes much deeper than that. In this Voices in Food story, the professional chef tells Anna Rahmanan about the struggles he’s had to overcome, how COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement have positively affected the gastronomy world and what dining will likely look like in the near future.

On being one of the few Black chefs on the scene

I’ve been a chef now

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15 Things to Look for When Buying Dog Food

A quality diet is essential for the long-term health of any animal, and our dogs are no exception. Any nutritionally balanced dog diet relies on six elements: carbs, fats, minerals, proteins, water, and vitamins.

The nutritional content of the food your dog consumes will affect his or her mood, behavior, overall health, and longevity. A 2007 study on how nutrition impacts canine behavior found the brain, nervous system, and every metabolic process inhibited by inadequate nutrition. And because a dog’s behavior is a direct result of what is occurring in its central nervous system, good nutrition is paramount to a well-behaved, high-functioning, happy dog who can enjoy many quality years.

What to look for when buying dog food
Eveline Coquelet / Shutterstock

There are plenty of dog foods out there, but not all are created equal. A meal plan for pets is highly individualized and can depend on variables such as age, weight, or underlying conditions. Nom Nom

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10 Soul Food Cookbooks to Buy Now, According to Carla Hall

carla hall holding an array of soul food cookbooks

Sarah Ceniceros

Although the term “soul food” means different things to different people, the one thing that remains consistent is what it needs to be created correctly: a lot of soul. That’s exactly what celebrity chef, TV host, and former model (did you know this?!) Carla Hall makes sure to deliver in every meal. With a list of incomparably delicious cookbooks under her belt (Cooking With Love happens to be my personal favorite), Auntie Carla—who I have full permission to call refer to as such, BTW—makes it known that while soul food today can be many things, the one thing we must remember about it is how it started.

“As Black people, we are everywhere—our food is everywhere,” Carla, who was born in Nashville, told Delish. “But the more you can allow yourself to be influenced [by] the way that soul food maybe 400 years ago

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Where to find emergency food assistance in North Texas after winter storm

In the aftermath of what could be Texas’ costliest weather event in its history, food aid for individuals is being provided by the state government, places of worship, local nonprofits, food banks, and community-organized mutual aids.


Gov. Greg Abbott’s Major Disaster Declaration first issued on Feb. 12 will release funds for the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP). D-SNAP provides short-term food assistance to families, and is designed to help after disasters when people return home and when access to electricity and grocery stores has been restored.

Susie Marshall, who works to strengthen regional food systems as the executive director of GROW North Texas, encourages first-time D-SNAP applicants to set up an account with Your Texas Benefits and apply now. In addition to the website, applicants can download the Your Texas Benefits app, or call 2-1-1 and select Option 2 after choosing

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