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If you’re looking for your next hands-off, delicious one pot dinner, this is it: Hainanese chicken.

Have you ever had Hainanese chicken rice before? Are you as obsessed with it as I am? I’m guessing the answer is no because I have a lifelong, deep obsession with chicken rice.

It’s my ultimate comfort food, my all-time-favorite go to meal, my version of Anton Ego’s mom’s ratatouille. You know, the scene in in the Pixar movie where Anton is taken back to his mom’s kitchen and she serves him ratatouille and all is right with the world. That’s Hainanese chicken rice for me.

Super simple and satisfying Hainanese chicken rice: juicy steamed chicken and ginger garlic rice cooked in the same pot. It’s what you want for dinner, right now! #hainanesechickenrice #chickenrice #recipes #dinner #onepot #easy #chickenrecipe #rice #chickenandrice

Chicken and Rice

All cultures have some sort of chicken and rice. The Japanese have oyakodon, Latin Americans have arroz con pollo, and Southeast Asians (and Hainanese people) have Hainanese chicken rice. Like most chicken and rice dishes, it’s simple at heart: poached chicken and seasoned rice served

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Don’t eat these organic strawberries sold at Trader Joe’s, Walmart, other stores: 27 cases of hepatitis A reported, FDA says


The U.S. Food stuff and Drug Administration has possibly connected a multi-condition outbreak of hepatitis A infections to fresh new natural strawberries bought at nationwide chain retailers like Trader Joe’s and Walmart, according to a push launch from the Food and drug administration.

Fifteen hepatitis A infections in California and a person every in Minnesota and North Dakota have been probably linked to the strawberries branded as FreshKampo and HEB and bought in between March 5 and April 25, the Fda mentioned.

Twelve of the infections have resulted in hospitalizations.

The Fda, together with the Centers for Disease Regulate, the General public Wellness Company of Canada and the Canadian Foods Inspection Agency, investigated the outbreak and identified that people with bacterial infections in California, Minnesota and Canada described getting the strawberries ahead of they grew to become sick.

Canadian officials are tracing 10 instances of hepatitis A in two

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Lemon Custard – Spend With Pennies


This lemon custard is so easy to make and lovely to eat pudding style or enjoy as a cake filling or dessert topping.

Bright, tangy, and bursting with lemony flavor with a texture that is both delicate and rich, lemon custard tastes just like summer.

bowls of Lemon Custard

What is Lemon Custard?

Custard is a sweetened pudding-like mixture often thickened with egg yolk. It can be made thin or thick in consistency depending on the recipe application.

Egg yolks, cream, milk, and sugar (and in this case lemon for flavor). Many custard recipes contain just egg yolk as a thickener however we prefer with the addition of cornstarch for a great texture and how well it holds up in desserts like pies, tarts, and cakes!

  • Serve lemon custard as-is with a sprinkle of fresh raspberries, blueberries or sliced strawberries or as a side to scones with a spot of tea!
  • Make lemon custard
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Junk food in reality TV could be fuelling obesity


Even though reality Television has been accused of endorsing unrealistic overall body images and encouraging taking in conditions, a new analyze implies it may possibly now be enjoying a part in obesity.

In actuality Tv shows, this kind of as Adore Island and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, researchers uncovered that ‘junk food’ appeared in just about 90 per cent of the hundreds of episodes they analysed.

Persons commonly associate truth Television set with boosting adverse human body photographs that are ‘too thin’ yet scientists from Nottingham Trent College advise it could be encouraging viewers to eat harmful snacks.

Guide writer of the study and lecturer in psychology, Dr Alexander Barker, cautioned that the youthful persons, who “widely viewed” reality demonstrates, are probable to take in what their “inspirational function models” consume.

Dr Barker additional that the present recommendations regarding what imagery youngsters can be uncovered to through Tv set

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