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Egg Substitutes for Baking | Easy Egg Replacements

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Are you out of eggs with no time to go shopping or have someone in your family with an egg allergy? Not to worry! With these easy Egg Substitutes for Baking, you can still mix together a batch of your favorite treat!

Check out my FULL Baking Substitutions chart I made for you! You can even print it out!

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My Favorite Egg Substitutes for Baking

In most baking recipes, eggs are an essential ingredient. This can be problematic for those with an egg allergy, or if you simply find yourself out of eggs in your kitchen. From simple replacements like applesauce or mashed banana, to options like aquafaba and chia seeds I am going to cover it all. But not all egg substitutes are created equal, though, and I will cover all that below!

Why Would You Need an Egg Replacement?

Good question. You could find yourself in need of an egg replacement for a couple of reasons. As mentioned above, you may have run out of eggs, or dropped the carton (don’t feel bad, we’ve all done it). You also might want to bake up a batch of vegan brownies, or ensure that your baked goods are food-allergy safe. 

What Do Eggs Do in Baked Goods?

Eggs play a pretty big role when it comes to baking. They help your treats rise and add richness, moisture, and flavor, but they also act as a thickening, binding, and leavening agent, depending on what you’re making. Eggs affect the tenderness of your baked good, as well as adding color to name a few.

In Cakes/Cupcakes Eggs…

Eggs aid in the structure and texture of a cake. Too few eggs you will have a dense, dry cake. Too many eggs will leave your cake wet and rubbery. 

In Cookies Eggs…

Eggs add moisture, flavor, and protein to the cookie dough. The liquid in the eggs bonds with the starch and protein in the flour giving them that chewy texture. 

In Pancakes…

Eggs bind the dry ingredients along with the milk you use in pancake batter. They add structure, flavor, and also richness. Pancakes happen to be one of the easiest recipes to substitute eggs!


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