Coffee Banana Bread – Cook Republic


The Coffee Banana Bread of your breakfast dreams! Look at that crumb! It is light, airy, cafe-worthy and toasts like a boss. You want this Coffee Banana Bread in your life. Easy to bake and super delicious for anytime of the day.

Coffee Banana Bread - Cook Republic

Coffee Banana Bread - Cook Republic

I know what you are thinking! Another banana bread recipe? As if we need one more, right? I believe you only need one good banana bread recipe that you can scale up and down, add things, substitute ingredients and mix it up for easy variety every week. And for that purpose, I follow this tried and tested recipe banana bread recipe all the time.

But I want you to add one more banana bread to your baking repertoire. This Coffee Banana Bread recipe is just divine and utterly wholesome and light. It is baked with a bit of olive oil and a mix of whole

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GNT launches first organic colours made with safflower


The Netherlands-based company said the organic market is seeing ‘exceptional’ growth as modern consumers pay closer attention to food and drink products’ health and sustainability credentials. In response, GNT has launched two new organic products. ‘Fruit & Veg Yellow’ is made from organic safflower and organic apple, while ‘Veg Green’ is made from organic safflower and organic spirulina.

GNT’s Market Development Manager Maartje Hendrickx told us the new colours aim to liven up manufacturer’s organic ranges. “Organic labels are a great way to appeal to modern consumers as they can really boost products’ health and sustainability credentials,”​ she said. “Nonetheless, there can be a perception that organic food and drink is less enjoyable. That’s why colour is so important – it can help products look appetizing, stand out on the shelf, and even influences enjoyment of the flavour.”

Studies have found that food colours’ hue and intensity influence

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Easy Lemon Gelato Recipe (Lemon Ice Cream)


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Lemon gelato is an amazingly refreshing frozen dessert that will tantalize your tastes with fresh lemon flavor and the creamy texture of ice cream made with milk and heavy cream so the flavors shine through.

scooping lemon gelato out of a bowl

All you need to make my lemon gelato (which can be made in your ice cream maker) is lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, heavy whipping cream, milk, and a dash of salt. No egg yolks needed!

spoonful of lemon gelato above the dish of gelato

Gelato isn’t that much different than ice cream, the big difference is that milk is used instead of all cream, which actually makes the flavors of what you’re using stand out even more, and if you find the right balance between cream and

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Let’s Celebrate! Easy and Delicious Recipes for Cinco de Mayo


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15 incredibly delicious, Mexican-inspired recipes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Everyone loves these fresh and delicious recipes!

Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful reason to make all your favorite Mexican food. Invite some friends over and you’ve got a great and easy party. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite south-of-the-border-inspired recipes for you today. These recipes are easy, can be made ahead of time and are of course incredibly delicious.

Horizontal photo of a stack of Homemade Flour Tortillas on a colorful kitchen towel.

Don’t miss our most popular recipe ever, the homemade flour tortillas. Have you tried them yet? There are also crazy good salsas, fresh salads and several main dish options. Plus a few delicious desserts to round out the meal. What’s on your menu for Cinco de Mayo?


Vertical picture of Tomatilla Avocado Salsa in a blue and white bowl

One taste of this fresh, vibrant Tomatillo Avocado Salsa will have you craving it again and again. It’s fabulous

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