Maryland Style Crab Imperial Recipe


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This classic presentation of a timeless favorite is so easy to make it almost makes itself. And once you’ve tasted the decadent flavor of my crab imperial, it will become one of your all-time favorite recipes.

overhead close up of baked crab imperial in a shell on a white plate

You don’t see Crab Imperial on the menu very often anymore, and it’s a shame. Besides being a classic restaurant dish, it’s a delicious way to serve lump crabmeat.

side view of baked crab imperial in a shell with vegetables

Other than simply sauteing crabmeat in butter there is no better way to serve Jumbo Lump crabmeat than a golden brown baked crab imperial. Serve it with your favorite sauteed greens and roasted potatoes for a delicious restaurant-style dinner.

What is Crab Imperial?

Crab Imperial is

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USDA public health alert: organic ground beef at Whole Foods


The USDA issued a public health alert about Organic Rancher Organic Ground Beef after customers found a little too much texture in the beef.

“The problem was discovered after the firm received complaints from consumers reporting they found hard, rigid plastic in the ground beef products,” the USDA alert says.

The alert covers 16-ounce vacuum-sealed packs of Organic Rancher Organic Ground Beef, 93% Lean and 85% Lean, with a use by date of 5-18-2022. “EST.4027” is inside the USDA mark of inspection.

Whole Foods organic ground beef 93 percen_fitted.jpeg
Organic Rancher Organic Ground Beef 93% Lean USDA

Organic Rancher products can be bought only at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. A recall wasn’t issued because the products are no longer for sale, but they might be in customers’ refrigerators and freezers.

If you have questions, email NPC Processing Quality Assurance Manager Adam Bushell at [email protected]

This story was originally published May 12, 2022 9:26 AM.

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Traeger Smoked Shotgun Shells – Or Whatever You Do


Our easy Traeger Smoked Shotgun Shells take uncooked manicotti noodles, stuff them with a mixture of seasoned ground beef and cheese, wrapped in bacon, and then painted with a spicy-sweet glaze to finish the whole thing off. Smoked for an hour and then raise the temp a bit to crisp up that bacon, and you’ve got one of our favorite appetizers on the smoker!

Traeger Smoked Shotgun Shells

If you need an appetizer that’s going to be the star of your next cookout, look no further. All you need is one of these savory meat-stuffed pasta tubes, but don’t let that stop you. We suggest leaving lots of time between the appetizers and the main if Smoked Shotgun Shells are on the menu!

Use whatever type of meat you’d like. Sausage is a popular stuffing, but

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Boris Johnson ‘playing politics with children’s health’ in junk food U-turn


Boris Johnson has been accused of “playing politics with children’s health” after a government U-turn on plans to restrict junk food advertising and multibuy promotions.

The prime minister announced plans for a crackdown on foods with high fat, salt or sugar content after his own brush with death from Covid in 2020, which he blamed in part on his own excessive weight.

But the Department of Health today announced a one-year delay to the proposed ban on buy-one-get-one-free (Bogof) deals for unhealthy foods, as well as a 9pm watershed for TV ads, with rumours in Westminster that the plan will eventually be ditched altogether.

Campaigners fear that Mr Johnson has caved in to pressure from backbench Tory MPs, who deride the measures as “nanny state” meddling – and who hold his future in their hands following the scandal over lockdown-busting parties at No 10.

They argue that banning Bogof and

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