Get Tips for Preparing Tasty Meals

Discover the tricks the experts use to prepare tasty and nutritious meals.

By Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD/LD

WebMD Weight Loss Clinic – Feature

Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

A nutritious meal does not have to be tasteless. Learning the cooking tricks of the experts can turn anyone into a healthy cook. The secret is understanding which foods to choose, and knowing a variety of ways to prepare them.

The secret to cooking healthier meals is figuring out where to skim fat and calories, so you can lighten up a recipe without skimping on flavor. And cooking healthy doesn’t have to mean cooking from scratch. You can start with convenience foods and add a few healthy ingredients for healthful “halfway homemade” meals.

To make sure your meals are chock-full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting antioxidants, choose the most nutrient-rich foods (such as deeply colored fruits and vegetables) as

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Star Trek Replicators Closer to Reality Thanks to 3D-Printed Chicken

Columbia University scientists are a step closer to Star Trek’s instant food replicators with their combination 3D-printed and laser-cooked chicken.

Engineers from Columbia University have worked out a way to simultaneously 3D print and cook puréed chicken to bring the techno-magic of Star Trek‘s food replicators one step closer to reality.

In a report from Wired, a team from the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia is credited with taking an earlier idea of theirs — 3D printing edible objects with mediums like cheese and peanut butter — and applying lasers as a cooking element for more nutritious and flavorful foods. Jonathan Blutinger, who co-authored the scientific paper outlining the experimentation, explained the motivation behind expanding on the idea. “Cooking is essential for nutrition, flavor and texture development in many foods, and we wondered if we could develop a method with lasers to precisely control these attributes.”

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Gadget Deals Cellular Holders

Another major concern regarding extreme use of devices in the age of children is a unfavorable motion. A study in Malaysia conducted in 2011 discovered that children became very dependent on gadgets, they would have adverse sentiments in the event that they misplaced their devices, the bulk will say that they are going to be offended, unhappy, and insecure . The use of gadgets for too long period can affect aggressive ranges in children. Also, the child turns into insensitive to the surroundings around him. Children who are too cool with their gadgets end in forgetting to interact or talk with folks round and their households, and that will have a unfavorable impact on children’s social growth . While all the main cellular device suppliers – Apple, Google, and Amazon included – provide parental controls on their gadgets, Family Link is different as a result of it’s a two-party system.… Read More

Homeless Chef Becomes Food Truck Owner After Viral Video: ‘Just Wanna Cook’

A homeless chef in Colorado is now a food truck owner thanks to the help of TikTok viewers who donated to help Tony Rojas get back on his feet and live out his dream.

The large donation was thanks to The Dream Machine Foundation, run by Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and even former manager of 2Chainz. The non-profit is currently on a 45-day tour of the U.S., during which they’re making dreams come true for people, with donations from corporations and online supporters.

Recipients come from coincidental meetings, like that of Rojas, and people submitting their dreams to the foundation’s app, Dreamr—a social network-cum-financial tool for pursuing dreams.

The latest stop in the tour saw Jabaley meet chef Rojas, who is currently living in a van with his wife after facing unemployment during the pandemic.

“We were at a Walmart parking lot and he walked up to

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