‘She is wasting a lot of food’

A chef husband is fed up with his wife’s horrible cooking and messy kitchen habits.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His wife tends to dirty up the kitchen even when completing a simple task. Moreover, she is a terrible cook who makes inedible food. After she made a horrible vodka pasta, he put his foot down and refused to eat her cooking

“My wife is a disaster in the kitchen,” he explained. “She leaves a huge mess behind after she’s done with cooking. She uses a zillion utensils even to make a coffee. Today, she said she learned this new recipe from her mom and went into the kitchen to prepare it. When she was done, it turned out to be vodka pasta. It tasted horrible because she added an entire bottle of vodka. She also put too much salt and it

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Man burned in 2018 food truck blast returns to UMC to feed staff

Darrell Martin knew that a whiff of propane he inhaled in his food truck was odd. But just about as soon as headed toward the gas tank to check on it, a blast sent him airborne, his arms and legs flailing and in flames.

That day, three years ago, Martin was rushed to University Medical Center’s Lions Burn Care Center with life-threatening injuries.

On Friday morning, the scarred-but-healed 36-year-old returned for the first time, bearing plates of food for the staff that saved his life. The menu included the ribs, chicken and hot links he serves from his since-rebuilt Southern BBQ Pit truck.

Martin shook about a dozen or so hands, telling the overjoyed staffers how appreciative he was. Although covered by masks, smiles appeared abundant.

“You look great,” he was told. “You look awesome.”

“I just want to thank you all for taking care of me when I was

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