Never Put This One Food Item on the Top Shelf of Your Fridge, CDC Says

The key to a healthy diet is eating a wide range of foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, and more. But experts say that another key to your good health is separating those foods safely, so they don’t contaminate one another and harbor harmful bacteria. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you run that risk every time you put one type of food on the top shelf of your fridge. They say that making this one simple storage mistake can spread dangerous bacteria, leading to serious foodborne illness. Read on to find out which one food item you should never store on the top shelf of your fridge and how you can protect yourself.

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Never store raw meat, poultry and seafood on the top shelf.

Raw meat is one

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Game On: Online cooking pumps passion for wild food. | Outdoors

I like everything about cooking wild game. I also like to think I’m fairly creative with wild things we bring back from the woods. But unless you’re plugged into other people with a passion for wild food, someone with a fresh approach that keeps it fun, you tend to fall back on the familiar — squirrel baked in cream sauce, fried fish fillets, and deerburgers. All those are good eating, but I was inspired last week to elevate my game.

What re-pumped my passion was an email invitation to be part of a virtual cooking experience hosted online by Scott Leysath, widely known as the The Sporting Chef. Leysath, of Sacramento, California, has been cooking fish and game on television for years, and he hosts both “The Sporting Chef,” and “Dead Meat” on the Sportsman and Outdoor channels. Dead Meat travels the country discovering fascinating outdoor people who are not

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