Lovin’ your oven: How to use different cooking techniques to make the best food |

(Meredith) – For many people, spending extra time at home this year meant learning new cooking techniques. But do you know what the difference is between braising, roasting, baking and broiling?

Melissa Knific, food director at Rachael Ray In Season magazine, shared some tips on how to utilize different cooking techniques to use your oven to its fullest potential.


Braising is prized for its ability to take even the toughest cuts of meat and make them super tender, Knific said. The technique involves cuts of meat or even vegetables and a little bit of liquid. You cook the food in a closed vessel, like a Dutch oven or a heavy-bottom pot, at a low temperature.

“Braising is all about being low and slow. You cook [food] at a lower temperature than you would probably normally use your oven for, and you are going to cook for a longer period,”

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