Amazon looks to benefit from Deliveroo’s push into dark kitchens

Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images

LONDON — Amazon is well positioned to capitalize on a hot new trend in food delivery: “dark,” “ghost,” “delivery-only” or “cloud” kitchens.  

Often located on industrial sites in shipping containers or warehouses, these delivery-only kitchens provide restaurants with another outlet to get their food to customers. They’ve been set up worldwide over the last few years and those behind them say they can take the strain off existing restaurant kitchens.

U.K. start-up Deliveroo claims to have pioneered the idea for these kitchens and it is planning to invest heavily in them over the next 12 months.

Assuming all goes well, Amazon should benefit from any success that Deliveroo has with its delivery-only kitchens. That’s because Amazon piled in on Deliveroo in May, leading a $575 million funding round into the London-headquartered company in exchange for a 16% minority stake of the business.


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