Man who wore horns in Capitol riot now in Virginia prison after organic food demand

WASHINGTON — A man who stormed the U.S. Capitol while sporting face paint, no shirt and a furry hat with horns was moved to a jail in Virginia on Thursday after a federal judge ordered authorities to provide him with organic food while he’s in custody.

Capitol Riot ‘Horn’ & ‘Lectern’ suspects in court



Jacob Chansley was transferred to the Alexandria Detention Center after his attorney argued that his client had gone nine days without eating because organic food wasn’t served at the jail in Washington. A judge ordered corrections officials to provide the special diet.

Chansley lost 20 pounds since being transferred from Arizona to Washington last week, his attorney, Albert Watkins, told the judge. Chansley, who calls himself the “QAnon Shaman,” considers eating organic food to be part of his “shamanic belief system and way of life,” the lawyer said. 

On Thursday,

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COVID-19 and Regulating Third-Party Food Delivery Services

Disputes between restaurants and third-party food delivery services—such as Grubhub and Uber Eats—have made headlines over recent years. This tension has only been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 was a particularly tough year for restaurants across the country and even tougher in cities like New York where rents are high and state-mandated business closures resulted in significant cuts to already narrow profit margins. However, the same has not been true for third-party food delivery services. In 2020, food delivery apps saw substantial increases in revenues. Uber Eats, for example, reported revenues of $2.51 billion in 2019; that number jumped to approximately $3.5 billion for the first nine months of 2020.

Although the media has reported extensively on growing discontent over the high fees that these food delivery services charge restaurants and consumers, there is another significant issue that has failed to garner as much attention. Specifically, restaurants have reported

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Darwen food fair will offer gluten free choices to coeliacs affected by NHS prescription cuts

A FOOD fair is to offer gluten free choice for coeliacs affected by prescription cuts.

The gluten free food fair in Darwen will offer people with coeliac disease more options for mealtimes, following cuts to food available on prescription locally.

The event, organised jointly by the Preston and East Lancashire groups of national charity Coeliac UK, takes place at Darwen Vale High School on Saturday, April 1.

There will be around 30 stalls selling everything from gluten free pasta to pies and beer to brownies with local producers bringing gluten free cookies, cupcakes, chutneys and sauces. There will also be freshly made gluten free fish and chips and freshly ground coffee.

Following a consultation East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) announced they will no longer support the prescribing of gluten free foods on the NHS.

From April individuals who require gluten free food will be expected to buy them themselves.

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Study finds it only takes a bit of junk food to spoil a healthy diet

Healthy diets come with a variety of potential benefits, including everything from less brain fog to a lower risk of developing certain diseases and chronic conditions. If you generally eat healthily but occasionally indulge in some junk food, you may be sabotaging the benefits you’d otherwise get from your healthy diet, according to a new study from Rush University Medical Center.

The study focused specifically on the Mediterranean diet, which has been the subject of many studies linking it with positive impacts on health. The researchers used data on 5,001 ‘older adults’ who participated in the Chicago Health and Aging Project.

The project aimed to evaluate the participants’ cognitive health by testing them every three years using a cognitive assessment questionnaire. The participants also provided details about which foods they consumed from a list of 144 options.

By analyzing this data, the researchers behind this new study found that participants

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