Chefs share 7 breakfasts you should cook in an air fryer and 5 you shouldn’t

Side by side pop tart and pancake

Breakfast dishes made in an air fryer can be a hit or miss. Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock; George Dolgikh/ Shutterstock

  • Air fryers can be used to make great breakfast meals, but not every dish should be cooked in one.

  • Chefs recommend making air-fried bacon and breakfast burritos.

  • They don’t suggest you make pancakes, frittatas, or omelets in the air fryer.

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Air fryers are handy countertop appliances that cook food with rapidly circulating hot air using little or no oil.

They’re a popular way to whip up snacks, but your air fryer can be used to make some tasty breakfasts.

Keep reading for the best and worst breakfasts to make in an air fryer, according to chefs.

The air fryer is great for breakfast burritos

Breakfast Burrito

Get crispy breakfast burritos in an air fryer. Brent Hofacker/ Shutterstock

Professional restaurant and catering chef Christina Musgrave

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Air fryer ‘pasta chips’ are the latest food trend taking over TikTok

Vegan tomato pasta chips with marinara dip. A hand is holding up a pasta chip.

Since late June, over 300 million users have watched TikToks about pasta chips. ashleysoats

  • A new way of cooking pasta so it crisps up like a chip for a light snack is going viral on TikTok.

  • The rapidly-growing #pastachips tag has over 300 million views on TikTok.

  • This comes after feta pasta recipes took over TikTok earlier this year.

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Pasta has once again taken over TikTok, as a new recipe by the TikToker behind the feta pasta trend has gone viral. Feta pasta originally exploded in popularity in February this year. TikTokers were so entranced by the simple recipe – which involved mixing pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and feta cheese – that stores around the US experienced a national feta cheese shortage. Today, the #fetapasta tag on TikTok has 1 billion views.

Five months after her feta pasta video led to

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