February 22, 2024


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The Hilton Heiress Turns The Culinary World Upside Down

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There are two types of series in the world; those that provide mystery and intrigue with enigmatic titles and vague plot descriptions, and Cooking With Paris. The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming “cookery” show from the kitchen of Paris Hilton really isn’t trying to fool anyone, or pull any Marvel kind of bait and switch, Cooking With Paris does exactly what it says in the tin, even if, judging by the trailer, she often can’t. While in principle, a few years ago this would have sounded like a completely self-indulgent horror show, the trailer provides just enough to suggest Netflix are about to have another huge hit on their hands.

Many people have the belief that in the confines of their own kitchen they are some kind of culinary god, but like many who have appeared on Hell’s Kitchen and served their glorious dishes to Gordon Ramsey have discovered, it is sometimes just a matter of opinion. While anyone can have the ability to cook, the guest stars on Cooking With Paris, which includes Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Nikki Glaser and more, seem to be discovering that in truth anyone can, but most don’t.

The series is essentially inviting some of her famous friends over to her place for a slap-up meal courtesy of the heiress herself, and while it is clear Paris Hilton is not about to offered the role of head chef at a Michelin star restaurant, there is no one who can tell her what she can and cannot attempt to make in her own kitchen, while she is decked out in glittery and elaborate outfits that are probably the least suited attire that has ever been seen on a cookery show. With feathers in the food, burnt offerings and probably a couple of touch and go trips to the bathroom the following day, there is something about car crash cooking that just really draws you in, no matter who it is doing it.

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By the time the trailer delivers a look at a diamond-studded spatula and the question of whether the sparkly jewels are going to come off in the food, I don’t think anyone can be in doubt of what audiences are letting themselves in for by watching this. No one is expecting anything other than social celebrity indulgence, giggling nonsense and just the possibility of something edible being fed to one of Hilton’s friends by the end of the episodes. The discovery that Hilton has to seek help on the internet to find out how to zest a lemon, only adds to the strange charm that this bizarre little offering has.

Cooking With Paris is the latest in an odd little array of niche cookery based shows that Netflix have provided over the last few years, which also included The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, which was part puppet sitcom, part baking show, and Michelle Obama starred in another puppet based cooking show, Waffles + Mochi. We can see how Cooking With Paris fares in the off the wall cookery show stakes when all six episodes premiere on Netflix on August 4.

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