How To Achieve Perfect Crunchy, Crispy Foods

Flavor is overrated. There—I said it. Sure, I want the food I eat to taste good, but that is the lowest possible bar I can set when cooking (for those wondering why they should listen to me—I’m a recipe developer by trade). Take scrambled eggs, for example. Other than burning them, it’s pretty hard to drastically alter their flavor. But we obviously know there is a difference between the eggs your parent made you as a kid before work and a carefully crafted French omelette, cooked and folded to perfection. That difference? Texture.

Whether you know it or not, you rely on the mouthfeel of a food just as much as its taste when determining its quality and level of deliciousness—I’m talking every single food you eat. In fact, I bet if you think of a food you really hate, I can almost guarantee your dislike stems

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