BBC – Travel – The Swedish chef who cooks solely with fire

At his Michelin-starred restaurant, Ekstedt, located in downtown Stockholm, chef Niklas Ekstedt brings the natural world indoors. Considered one of Sweden’s most famous chefs, he transforms raw ingredients into fine cuisine solely through the use of fire, ash, soot and smoke – no gas or electricity allowed.

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“Because I feel strongly connected with the lakes, the forest and nature around me. I find inspiration for my dishes when I am outdoors picking mushrooms and berries and foraging for aromatic herbs and plants. In Sweden, we are lucky to have wild nature at our doorsteps. Respecting, caring and connecting with that nature will make us stronger and better people.” – Niklas Ekstedt, chef

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To Ekstedt, this method brings Swedish cooking back to its roots. “Fire for me, it’s like the

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‘Soup Pot’ Has Players Create Delicious Dishes from The Philippines, Korea, and Japan

One thing that all Asians can agree on is that the continent probably has some of the best food on Earth. And Pinoy game studio, Chikon Club, is looking to celebrate this aspect of Asian culture through their new game Soup Pot.

Unlike the Cooking Mama series, where players are awarded for sticking to the recipe to a tee, Soup Pot is a cooking game with a heavy focus on creativity, capturing the improvisational nature of home cooking and allowing players to experiment with 100 different dishes.

Beautifully stylized 3D renders of ingredients will be at the player’s disposal to create these dishes and players can cook freely without restrictions. From there, players can then channel their inner Masterchef and plate these dishes however they like.

Chikon Club is aiming to make Soup Pot’s in-game kitchen a welcoming place for home cooks of every proficiency. The game is more about

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Top Chef alum Tu David Phu returns to his Vietnamese roots with signature dish

OAKLAND, Calif — Cooking is the heart and soul of Chef Tu David Phu. The Oakland native believes cooking for others is the purest form of love. He remembers watching his mom in the kitchen at a young age, which sparked his passion for cooking.

“I started cooking with my mom when I was five years old and had this amazing obsession with her food. She would let me taste things. And that’s how I learned how to taste, not just cook,” Chef Tu said.

Chef Tu is a California-born first-generation Vietnamese-American chef whose family comes from the island of Phu Quoc. He remembers the struggles and hardships he and his family faced over the years.

“We grew up very, very poor. And I think for many years, I had self-shame about my identity and my own story. And given the fact that my parents have been laborers their whole

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