This is the best air fryer to buy on Black Friday 2021


My search for the perfect air fryer has come to an end.

Screenshot by Dashia Starr/CNET

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 Black Friday is here, and great deals on air fryers are easy to find. But with so many around, which one is the best for you? I can help you decide which one to get, because I have a long and at times bumpy history with them. I love the idea of a kitchen appliance that circulates hot air to cook food nice and crisp without all the oil you need for deep frying — and in a matter of minutes. But I had one problem. While most of the countertop appliances work the same, every air fryer I bought somehow managed to let me down

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Omaha food truck owner cooks, delivers Thanksgiving meals to 67 families | Local News

This Thanksgiving, Stastny and his crew served 67 families and more than 350 people. There’s no cap to the number of families who can receive meals — Stastny said the operation has room to grow, or even double, if more people are in need in 2022.

“It’s definitely pretty awesome every year. It’s a lot of work and very stressful,” Stastny said. “Sometimes I say, ‘Man, why do I do this every year?’ But it’s always worth it.”

Stastny’s girlfriend, Phoenix Rumsey, has been part of the project since its inception. She said each year is eye-opening — some of the families receiving meals don’t even have phone numbers.

“It’s something you don’t even think about,” Rumsey said. “I’m surprised this year how many people signed up. I’m glad people felt comfortable enough to do that.”

Dining with Dignity: Volunteer chefs take meals at Siena Francis House to new level

Stastny came up with the idea to donate meals with his friend,

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