5 Reasons Southerners Should Join the Fun on TikTok

Old Fried on Phone

Old Fried on Phone

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1. Creative Home Cooks

On television shows we see talented chefs cooking in professional spaces, but TikTok is all about the home kitchen. From everyday people showing off their culinary interests for the first time to food editors sharing how they cook in their own kitchens, there’s room for everyone to share what they know and love about Southern food. With videos clocking in under a minute, most even shorter, the recipes I see on TikTok often require few ingredients and simple methods to pull together.

Old Man Steve
At 81-years-old, Stephen Austin has garnered more than one million followers on TikTok with his colorful bucket hats and cheerful updates from his kitchen.

Ivy Odom
If you’re a fan of Hey Y’all, don’t miss Ivy Odom’s weekly TikTok videos on our own channel. From deep-fried deviled eggs to dollar store centerpieces, Ivy tries

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7 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Shop for Food

When the coronavirus hit, even the most enthusiastic cooks had to adjust to a new, more complicated relationship with their kitchens.

For the first time in a generation, Americans began spending more money at the supermarket than at places where someone else made the food. Grocers saw eight years of projected sales growth packed into one month. Shopping trends that were in their infancy were turbocharged.

The six-month shift has been a behavioral scientist’s dream. Shoppers began by building bomb-shelter pantries. Then came a nostalgia phase, with bowls of Lucky Charms and boxes of Little Debbies offering throwback comfort. Soon, days were defined by elaborate culinary stunts, sourdough starter and kombucha clubs.

Although kitchen fatigue is setting in for many, a new set of kitchen habits have been set.

“People are moving on to more complex cooking, and we don’t see that going away,” said Rodney McMullen, chairman and

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Michelle Obama Shares If Husband Barack Obama Is a Great Cook

Michelle Obama dedicated her time in the White House to educating Americans on the impact of food, nutrition, and healthy cooking, and she is continuing that work even while no longer First Lady with her new Netflix children’s show, Waffles + Mochi. Obama recently revealed, however, that her vast culinary knowledge doesn’t quite extend to her husband, former president Barack Obama.

In a new interview with E!’s Daily Pop, the former First Lady shared that her husband has three core meals he makes for their family, but that cooking isn’t a part of the president’s daily repertoire.

“He came cooking,” Mrs. Obama told E! of when she first met her husband, “but he had like, sort of, his three recipes.”

barack and michelle obama attend portrait unveiling at nat'l portrait gallery

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According to Obama, her husband’s signature dishes include “a mean chili, a good stir-fry, and great omelets. So, he had kind of his

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#FOOD: How can we make TAKE-OUT more #ECO-FRIENDLY?? Here are a few ideas! | iHeartRadio

Lots of us have been eating more takeout over the last year since it gives us a much-needed break from cooking and can support local restaurants.

But those bags full of Styrofoam, stacks of plastic containers and all that extra plastic silverware can leave us with environmental guilt.

If you want to go greener with your takeout order, these low-waste tips can help make it more eco-friendly.

● Wash and reuse plastic containers – If your food comes in plastic containers with lids, clean them up and reuse them for leftovers or to give away baked goods and food to loved ones without having to worry about getting the containers back.

● Tell the restaurant if you don’t need napkins or silverware – If you’re eating at home, you have your own utensils and napkins, so let the restaurant save by not including it.

● Customize your order to leave

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