Crossroads Community Services partners with churches, public housing facilities and neighborhood centers to combat food insecurity

Mary Wesley walks to her church, just a block from Carpenter’s Point, a low-income housing community for elderly people in Dolphin Heights. She’s going to help pack boxes of food for her neighbors. She’s been volunteering once a month for 10 years.

“We enjoy giving out vegetables, because so many people like cooking vegetables, and meat sometimes, like tuna fish and sausage,” Wesley, 71, says.

This month, it’s mostly canned fruits and vegetables, spaghetti and ready-to-go meals. There are about 30 cartons of milk and prepackaged cheese. The fresh items will go quickly.

Community members are seen here working on food distribution packages for local community residents at the Cities of Refuge Church.
Community members are seen here working on food distribution packages for local community residents at the Cities of Refuge Church.(Nitashia Johnson / Nitashia Johnson/Special Contributor)

As part of a North Texas-wide food distribution network, The Cities of Refuge church serves about 60 regular clients, says April Parker, the executive assistant at the church. Most are enrolled

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Parenting Suggestions For Elevating Twins

From the melatonin-promoting red-light remedy to the snooze-inducing scents from the essential oil diffuser, your infant would possibly truly start to look ahead to bedtime. With the cool-mist humidifier and a pink-noise sound machine function, this parenting product helps your tot become a snoozing pro.

Days earlier than the move, a senior colleague mentioned, “just so you know, there was a bit of incest in that family at one stage”. But the loss of Tony’s mom, combined together with his father’s unreliability, had “left a stone in his heart”, Harrison observes. Although the prospect of going again to his father was remote, the casual care association continued till the sudden death of the oldest sister in her sleep.

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15 Things to Look for When Buying Dog Food

A quality diet is essential for the long-term health of any animal, and our dogs are no exception. Any nutritionally balanced dog diet relies on six elements: carbs, fats, minerals, proteins, water, and vitamins.

The nutritional content of the food your dog consumes will affect his or her mood, behavior, overall health, and longevity. A 2007 study on how nutrition impacts canine behavior found the brain, nervous system, and every metabolic process inhibited by inadequate nutrition. And because a dog’s behavior is a direct result of what is occurring in its central nervous system, good nutrition is paramount to a well-behaved, high-functioning, happy dog who can enjoy many quality years.

What to look for when buying dog food
Eveline Coquelet / Shutterstock

There are plenty of dog foods out there, but not all are created equal. A meal plan for pets is highly individualized and can depend on variables such as age, weight, or underlying conditions. Nom Nom

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Coronavirus Causes Cancelations In Art & Entertainment

Your ultimate comment appears to me more of a cynical observation concerning the industrial art world than in regards to the nature of art itself. The real query is whether they allow the pursuit of money to subvert their imaginative and prescient or not.

  • BROKEN ARROW – The Northeastern State University Broken Arrow Art Gallery exhibit will function Shakespearean-inspired artwork all through the month of May.
  • In the meantime, the Emelin is staying linked with fans through weekly “enews” blasts, updated with schedule adjustments, links to on-line live shows and comedy exhibits.

“It is my honor to pick Emanuelee ‘Outspoken’ Bean as the fifth Houston Poet Laureate, who I am assured will inspire Houstonians, from Northside to Sunnyside, within the type of spoken word,” mentioned Mayor Sylvester Turner in a press release. “Outspoken Bean will reveal to the state of Texas and the nation that Houston is resilient, and that … Read More