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#FOOD: How can we make TAKE-OUT more #ECO-FRIENDLY?? Here are a few ideas! | iHeartRadio

Lots of us have been eating more takeout over the last year since it gives us a much-needed break from cooking and can support local restaurants.

But those bags full of Styrofoam, stacks of plastic containers and all that extra plastic silverware can leave us with environmental guilt.

If you want to go greener with your takeout order, these low-waste tips can help make it more eco-friendly.

● Wash and reuse plastic containers – If your food comes in plastic containers with lids, clean them up and reuse them for leftovers or to give away baked goods and food to loved ones without having to worry about getting the containers back.

● Tell the restaurant if you don’t need napkins or silverware – If you’re eating at home, you have your own utensils and napkins, so let the restaurant save by not including it.

● Customize your order to leave

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Ultrasonic cleaning of salad could reduce instances of food poisoning

Newswise — A new study has shown that gentle streams of water carrying sound and microscopic air bubbles can clean bacteria from salad leaves more effectively than current washing methods used by suppliers and consumers. As well as reducing food poisoning, the findings could reduce food waste and have implications for the growing threat of anti-microbial resistance.

Salad and leafy green vegetables may be contaminated with harmful bacteria during growing, harvesting, preparation and retail leading to outbreaks of food poisoning which may be fatal in vulnerable groups.

Because there is no cooking process to reduce the microbial load in fresh salads, washing is vital by the supplier and the consumer.

Washing with soap, detergent bleach or other disinfectants is not recommended and the crevices in the leaf surface means washing with plain water may leave an infectious dose on the leaf. Even if chemicals are used, they may not penetrate

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Soul Food Twist features down-home meals | Dining Guide

HUNTINGTON — If you’re looking for some southern flavor in Huntington, Soul Food Twist is a new option. This small soul-food takeout on 12th Street in Huntington serves a variety down-home inspired meals from meatloaf to barbecue ribs to seafood. The new restaurant was opened Sept. 19 by Joanna Williams.

“I’m originally from South Carolina. I started working at Waffle House when I was 15. I’ve been cooking all of my life. I grew up on Southern cooking. My mother and father taught me how to cook. So when they were cooking I was always looking and studying,” Williams said. “Working in the Waffle House you learn how to move quickly. I like being around people. I love customers, people and faces. So it all comes together.”

Williams said she had always wanted a food truck, but when the building became available in May, she decided to talk with the

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