Cancel ‘curry’? Why South Asian American chefs say it’s time for the word to go

The Hindi expression “ghar ka khana” translates, quite simply, to “home food,” and it carries with it a certain sentimentality. It’s the crackling and pop of jeera hitting the pan. It’s the jarring whistle of the pressure cooker as dal softens on the stove. And the slightly sweet smell of just-done basmati rice has a universal meaning: It’s time to sit down for a meal.

Desi American families hold their recipes close; they’re a tangible reminder of home and the generations it took to perfect them. But a step outside into the food landscape of the white west often reveals a culture that disregards, oversimplifies and stereotypes their meals.

“‘Your food must be really spicy. It must be stinky. It’s curry,’” Instagram food blogger Nisha Vedi Pawar, 36, told NBC Asian America. “And I was like, ‘What the hell is curry?’”

Desi chefs and home cooks grew up watching their

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Jennifer Garner Is Joining Michelle Obama On ‘Waffles + Mochi’

If you and your kids can’t get enough of the genuinely excellent new spate of food programs, here’s an amazing one to add to your roster. Jennifer Garner joins Waffles + Mochi as a talk show host helping families plan out healthy dinners. It’s a special event on YouTube premiering on Mar. 27 at 10 a.m. PST and will feature fun celebrity guests like the puppets Waffles and Mochi themselves, Jack Black, and of course, Michelle Obama, the woman who started it all.

Waffles + Mochi is the new cooking show for preschoolers starring two puppets, Waffles and his pal Mochi, who dream of becoming chefs even though they live in a frozen land where every meal is just ice cube after ice cube. They eventually find a supermarket owned by none other than Michelle Obama and find themselves meeting all sorts of new friends all over the world

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Julia Child Trailblazes Male-Dominated World of Cooking in Doc’s First Look (Video)

The new Julia Child documentary details how the legendary chef trailblazed the male-dominated cooking industry during a time when “women were basically part of the window dressing.”

“Julia” tells the story of the legendary late chef and “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” cookbook author Julia Child, a woman who found fame in her 50s as a rockstar chef.

“Cooking was a world of man,” one documentary guest says. “You certainly didn’t see them teaching,” another guest said regarding Child’s revolutionary career.

The documentary features never-before-seen archival footage detailing Child’s decision to begin her foray into French cooking and enroll at Le Cordon Bleu Paris in 1950.

“As soon as I got into France and realized what it was all about,” Child recounts, “one taste of that food and I never got over it.”

Oscar-nominated “RBG” filmmakers Betsy West and Julie Cohen direct the documentary. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer

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COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we shop for food

The days of driving to a supermarket for a package of hot dogs and a case of soda may be a thing of the past in the post-pandemic world.

In fact, it’s becoming a thing of the past right now at supermarket giant Kroger (KR). The company posted an impressive 127% second quarter surge in its digital sales as shoppers ordered online and either had groceries delivered straight to their homes or drove to a store and had packages put directly in their trunks. Triple-digit growth in digital food ordering was also seen at the likes of Target and Walmart in the second quarter, underscoring consumers growing more comfortable with online grocery shopping.

“There is no doubt people are shopping differently. People aren’t going to the stores as frequently. One of the things that, as part of our Restock Kroger initiative, we had made significant investments on our

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