10 Best Foodie Finds This Week in Dallas

With the return of the chilly weather comes a slew of exciting weekend events. From pop-ups by James Beard-nominated chef to an après ski theme party, there are plenty of events to fill your weekend, whether you want to learn to chop fish at Central Market, learn to cook homemade dog food or test your tolerance for hot wings at Turning Point Beer. Here are 10 foodie finds for this weekend:

Rare Blanton’s Tasting at Hooligan’s Pub
310 E. Abram St. (Arlington)
7 to 10 p.m., Friday, Jan. 21

If you’re looking for something for date night this weekend, Hooligan’s Pub is hosting a Rare Blanton’s Bourbon Tasting with a lineup including Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel, Gold Label, Black Label, Green Label and Red Label. Several of these labels aren’t available for sale in the U.S.; tickets are $229 and get their holders 1-ounce pours of all five bourbons

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Are You Salting Your Food Correctly? Here’s What Chefs Say.

If you’ve wondered how the chefs at your favorite restaurant always seem to make food taste so much better than your home-cooked versions, there’s at least one ingredient that can take some of the credit — salt.

Of course, you use salt exactly the way the recipe says, except for when it says “salt to taste,” and then you possibly just close your eyes and toss.

But chefs use salt frequently throughout every stage of the cooking process. They use different types of salt for different purposes, and they often use it much more liberally than you probably do. The result? Food that tastes — not salty — but just more like itself.

“The amount of salt — and butter — used in the restaurant world is much higher than the average home cook is used to,” Keith Sarasin, chef and owner of The Farmers Dinner and Aatma,

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Household Banana Nut Bread Recipe Recipe

Add comma separated list of substances to include in recipe. Sass suggests creating your own wholesome eating plan, using the guide to coach your self about diet. The perfect eating regimen for it’s possible you’ll be no food regimen at all, however as a substitute borrowing from ideas of varied plans to create a strategy that lets you lose weight while feeling properly physically, emotionally, and socially,” she says. That technique should also have the ability to grow to be a long run life-style, not something you yo-yo ‘on’ and ‘off.’” Most importantly, it ought to actually shield or improve your well being.

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Foods enriched with Vitamin C to include in your diet for a healthy body

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin required by the body for various body functions. Its requirement is all the more important during these days of the pandemic- where maintaining a healthy body and boosting immunity is the need of the hour! Dietitian Garima Goyal offers insight on the subject and reveals that this water-soluble vitamin is available in plenty of foods- but still, most Indians lag behind when it comes to meeting the daily requirement of Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid from foods.

The functions of Vitamin C in our body are numerous- from boosting the immune system to functioning as an excellent anti-oxidant, from helping in collagen synthesis to increasing the absorption of Iron in the body, this vitamin greatly helps us lead a healthy and disease-free life. Here are some foods that people can include in the daily diet to up their Vitamin C quotient!

  1. Amla or Indian
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