Top 8 Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 


Living in Brooklyn has many incredible positives; public transportation, fantastic food, and cultural events are some of them. However, with these positives also come highs and lows, such as living with noise pollution or being too far from your office. So how do you decide where to live knowing that each area has pros and cons.

Many Brooklyn residents are captivated by the prospect of living in a specific neighborhood. However, finding a community that meets your needs for schools, safety and amenities can be tricky. This is especially true if you have children. Here are the top 8 Brooklyn neighborhoods that we recommend for families.

1. Ditmas Park
Ditmas Park, an upscale neighborhood between Prospect Park and Flatbush, is one of the best places for families to live in Brooklyn. It’s a lovely area that boasts good schools, safety, and excellent transportation options. It’s filled with great restaurants, public … Read More