The 26-Year-Old Chef Leading a New Wave of French Cuisine

Early last year in Paris, just before lockdown became a reality, Alexia Duchêne was garnering rave reviews from the city’s most exigent critics for her vivid, personal, and contemporary take on French cooking at Datsha Underground, a new restaurant in the Marais. Tasting dishes like scallop carpaccio with raw cream, toasted buckwheat with chive ash, and turbot with caramelized onions and curried jus made from the fish’s own roasted bones, Le Figaro’s Emmanuel Rubin praised Duchêne for “swinging delicious punches,” while Ezéchiel Zérah of L’Express lauded her as a “super-talented chef who knows how to sublimate simplicity.” 

a close up of a woman: The 26-Year-Old Chef Leading a New Wave of French Cuisine

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The 26-Year-Old Chef Leading a New Wave of French Cuisine

Then, 2020 turned into the fallowest year for French cuisine since 1945. All of the country’s restaurants had to close from March 17 to May 11 and again from October 29 to the present. Ever the innovator, the young

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When cooking too much food isn’t a mistake

Let’s talk about that time when cooking too much was not a mistake.

Not the time — or times — when you overestimated how much your family or guests might eat. Or the time (maybe the times) you cooked every recipe profiled on that cooking show that you watched while quarantined so many days last year.

No, I mean the time — and, I hope, times — that you cooked “too much” food on one day and used it for a meal or three down the week. The large pot of brown rice, say, that you lovingly coaxed to perfection for an hour on your stovetop one Sunday afternoon and spread out later over three delicious (and different) dinners.

Grains like bulgur often take time to prepare — and so we avoid preparing them on a given day because we do not wish to spend that time that day. (Getty
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Ultrasonic cleaning of salad could reduce instances of food poisoning

Newswise — A new study has shown that gentle streams of water carrying sound and microscopic air bubbles can clean bacteria from salad leaves more effectively than current washing methods used by suppliers and consumers. As well as reducing food poisoning, the findings could reduce food waste and have implications for the growing threat of anti-microbial resistance.

Salad and leafy green vegetables may be contaminated with harmful bacteria during growing, harvesting, preparation and retail leading to outbreaks of food poisoning which may be fatal in vulnerable groups.

Because there is no cooking process to reduce the microbial load in fresh salads, washing is vital by the supplier and the consumer.

Washing with soap, detergent bleach or other disinfectants is not recommended and the crevices in the leaf surface means washing with plain water may leave an infectious dose on the leaf. Even if chemicals are used, they may not penetrate

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Best Restaurants Near Me

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