The (cheap) tools that will transform your cooking in 2022

You don’t need a fancy equipment to be a good cook. The good news is that there is no five hundred dollar blender, no state of the art oven, that is standing between you and making a decent meal today. If you love your sous vide or your Instant Pot, great — I feel pretty evangelical about my KitchenAid Mini stand mixer. But I also feel that way about my wooden spoons. The items that give us confidence in the kitchen, that make the act of preparing food a pleasure instead of a chore, are often the smallest, simplest things.

The holidays, like wedding season, seem to make our minds collectively turn longingly to extravagant, big ticket appliances. Yet the rest of the time, too many of us appear to try to bravely get by on our one spatula with a slightly melted handle. Maybe it’s a false sense

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