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One Major Side Effect of Using Cooking Spray, Say Dietitians

When you’re trying to prevent food from sticking to a pan or griddle, cooking spray can be a godsend. It creates a consistent coating of oil, allowing you to use less than you would if you were simply pouring it on. The result? You can save some major calories. (And if that’s your current mission, you’ll definitely want to scope out these 40 Food Swaps That Cut Thousands of Calories.)

Cooking sprays allow you to have more control over your oil portions,” says Grace Clark-Hibbs, RDN. “It’s much easier to cover the entire cook surface with a cooking spray than a liquid oil, while also using less oil by volume. Overall, cooking sprays can be a great addition to a healthy diet, especially if you’re looking for convenience or to monitor your fat intake.”

Still, there’s one thing dietitians want you to know about these

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Gregory Porter Talks ‘The PorterHouse’ Cooking Series

“Like music, cooking is another way to make somebody smile,” says Porter, one of eight children. “Growing up, I knew singing songs for my mother made her happy. And whatever I needed to do to help prepare the food and cook made her happy too. I’m just trying to express that through the things that I love.”

For Porter that includes giving back. Episode six centers around donating food to a local ministry and soup kitchen operated by his brother Dionne. In addition, the series’ sponsor Citi has pledged an additional donation to longtime partner No Kid Hungry to provide meals for U.S. families in need.

The day after the season finale, Citi will host an exclusive, hour-long virtual event on June 17. It will open with an intimate Q&A featuring Porter before the singer takes the stage to perform with a full band. It will be his first performance

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Knoxville cooks compete on Food Network’s ‘Grill of Victory’

Knoxville home cooks are hoping to grill the competition for a chance to win a custom outdoor kitchen on Food Network’s new show “Grill of Victory,” coming this summer. 

Eight local amateur chefs – from food bloggers to born-and-raised barbecuers – will have to turn up the heat and go head-to-head to come out on top. Food truck franchise owner Sabin Lomac will host the six-episode series and talked to Knox News about what audiences can expect. 

“Grill of Victory” premieres June 21 at 10 p.m. on Food Network. Tune in each week to see what contestants are creating and who will win the outdoor kitchen and entertaining space of their dreams. 

What’s the show about?

On “Grill of Victory,” home cooks from Knoxville and Atlanta will complete three grueling grill challenges each episode to show judges they have chops on the grill deserving of a custom-built backyard kitchen.


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