May 29, 2024


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Why is Meal Delivery Popular? (And why it may be great for you.)

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As we navigate a post-pandemic world, the home meal delivery industry is positioned to grow, as more options become available to customers. For many people, being able to access good food, when in-person dining felt too risky, was a real lifesaver. This new habit seems here to stay. So, as the coronavirus pandemic seems to be easing in the United States, food providers are trying to figure out how to differentiate themselves in this market. 

32 Degrees by MG is an upscale, gourmet meal delivery company that was born out of the global pandemic. As one of South Florida’s premiere upscale catering and event production firms, MG Events & Catering decided to bring its signature gourmet food to its clients and the community – who were being encouraged to stay at home while the pandemic raged. Now, two years later, there is still a need for convenient, high-quality food at home. 

Meal delivery services are not only a great option for those who may still be hesitant to do in-person dining, but they are also a perfect solution for busy people who want convenient and delicious food right at their doorstep. Pre-planned, fully prepared packaged meals are such a remarkable concept for very busy people who enjoy eating fresh, healthy home cooked meals. 

There are many benefits to using 32 Degrees by MG for your meal delivery needs: 

• No more stressful meal planning. 

• No more grocery shopping. 

• No more cooking. Precooked meals come in oven-safe/microwaveable containers, for a fresh, chef-prepared meal that’s ready in 5 minutes. 

• The ingredients are fresh and high quality. 

• Food is prepared using no additives and preservatives. 

• Food is frozen and will preserve its flavor and quality for up to 12 months. 

• You spend less money because the food is perfectly portioned (no more spending money on a seasoning or other ingredient you only need for one dish) 

• Convenient, healthy meals that cater to those interested in eating meals made with whole food ingredients that are easy to pronounce. 

• Food is easily ordered online and delivered the next day in an insulated bag. 

• There are no commitments or subscriptions. Order as little or as much as you like. 

Life is hectic and always changing. Planning your life around meals can be a challenge. However, you can have meal options that work for your life. You can eat gourmet, healthy, fresh meals, even if you have a hectic lifestyle, thanks to meal services like 32 Degrees by MG. Check out their menu of mains, sides, soups, sauces, and even kid-friendly options at

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