How Can You Use Your Cream Charger Effectively?

A Cream Charger is a small 8gm (approx) cylinder made of steel which is filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) also known as laughing gas, it is used as a whipping agent attached to the whipped cream dispenser. It is also known as whipping.

A cream charger is used to make whipped cream easily with the help of nitrous oxide gas. It is attached at the back of a whipped cream dispenser and a single cream charger generally lasts for two weeks or until the nitrous oxide in it is finished. 

A cream charger is a very convenient machine that uses nitrous oxide gas to make whipped cream. It is very easy to use and makes whipped cream instantly using nitrous oxide gas. The narrow end of the cream charger has a foil covering which should be removed while using it.

Where is a cream charger generally used? 

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