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Than a Food Fitter

Your Daily FoodScope for September 14, 2021

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Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


Your family’s annoying shenanigans will get the best of you today. Step away from the coffee; the caffeine could make you aggressive. Go for a nice cup of organic chamomile tea instead. Throw in a mint leaf and a little lemon juice and feel the stress just slip away.


What will start as a friendly evening pot luck party may turn into a popularity contest. You’ll pump up the yummy virtues of your crab and cheese casserole, although kudos will also be awarded to a friend’s sausage rolls and apple cider beef stew. Looks like everyone wins!


Shake the shackles of boring meals and try something completely different today. A German restaurant will be a new and fun adventure. Veal schnitzel with sauerkraut or a Bavarian sausage platter with mashers will satisfy your inner carnivore, although you’ll need plenty of German pilsner to wash it all down with.


Leave the chicken cordon bleu, braised lamb shanks and coq au vin for people who know what they’re doing today. You won’t have the time, patience or expertise to pull them off successfully. Sticking with recipes you know will offer the best success. Spaghetti and meatballs, anyone?


If you have kids, do something special for them today: show them how much they mean to you. Simple gestures mean the most, and serving their favorite meal for dinner will be perfecto! They’ll flip for a frankfurter and cheese casserole, especially if you follow that up with root beer floats.

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Don’t heed words of warning from know-it-alls today. They may scold you about the fat content of the avocados you lavish on a green salad or in a chicken pita wrap. Remind them that avocados are high in the monounsaturated fats that your body needs for efficient brain function and a healthy heart. So, there!


Think about getting rid of unused junk by hosting a yard sale today. But hold on to that old fondue pot. Fire it up and offer your customers bread slices and melted Gruyere cheese. You may finally get rid of the ceramic garden gnome and your collection of Bay City Rollers t-shirts.


Why feel lonely and isolated today when you can get out and mix and mingle? Spending the afternoon chatting at your favorite bistro while partaking of organic ginger tea and mushroom quiche will be a great way to meet people. What are you waiting for?


You may wake up on the irritable side of the bed today, so it may be best to keep to yourself. Take part in pleasing solo activities, such as cooking, that brighten your mood! Making an simple beef and ginger stir-fry should brighten your spirits.


You may find yourself in quite a predicament today, but your friends will come to your aid. So don’t panic if you made too much seafood chowder and garlic bread for dinner. One well-placed phone call and you’ll have more than enough help finishing it.


Push all thoughts of job and career to the back burner; today is for friends and family and fun. Relaxing with loved ones will be the best way to recharge and reconnect. Don’t even think about cooking dinner. Tonight it’s pizza, pasta and pitchers of beer.


You may want to impress a new squeeze tonight by preparing a fabulous home-cooked meal. But don’t let your ambitions get ahead of your culinary talent. Go with something you know and do well. Chicken parm and pasta will be more impressive than you think.

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