March 3, 2024


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You can grill queso? This new cooking trend is taking over social media

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What’s the only thing better than a tub of melty, mouthwatering queso? Try making a giant tray of it smoked on the grill. This cheesy and spicy dip-making trend is latest cooking hack to take over TikTok and, much like any classic queso recipe, the possibilities seem to be endless.

In the videos, many of which can be found under the hashtag #smokedqueso, home cooks show viewers how they customize their queso.

To start, all you need is an aluminum foil pan, Velveeta (yes, real queso needs Velveeta), some chilies and pretty much anything else your heart desires.

In one video from TikTok user @eatwithalyssa called their concoction “the best queso I’ve ever had.”

This fully-loaded dip featured chorizo sausage, jalapeños, diced onion, a can of Ro-tel and a variety of cheeses including pepper jack, cheddar, a Mexican blend and, of course, Velveeta, which gives queso it’s smooth, creamy texture. The mix was then cooked on the smoker (covered) so the smoke would melt the cheese.


Another TikTok user, @thecrownjewel00, added cream cheese to their recipe in another video. After cooking it on the grill for about 10 minutes, the separate ingredients all melted together into cheesy creation.

One TikTok user shared a tip in order to achieve peak queso goals when using a grill.


“If you’re lookin’, you ain’t cookin’,” he says in the video, implying that it’s important to keep your grill covered for the cheese to full melt.

Plenty of people commented about the delicious-looking dip.

“It makes me want to go out and buy a grill just to make this,” commented one user.

“I turned my Smell O Phone app on for this,” wrote another person.


But is cooking queso on a grill actually safe?

LeAnn Mueller, owner of La Barbecue in Austin, Texas, told TODAY Food that cooking queso on a grill is totally fine if the right tools are used and safe grilling practices are followed.

If you don’t like Ro-tel, Mueller said you can make a more flavorful version at home.

“We actually smoke all our veggies on the pit for a homemade Ro-tel that goes into our mac and cheese,” Mueller said, adding that they use garlic, peppers and tomatoes. “I would suggest doing that and then adding the blended ingredients — including the cheese sauce, melty cheese like American, and some milk — to a cast-iron skillet and smoking over an indirect heat of around 250 degrees until creamy and bubbling, stirring every five minutes.”

Smoked queso joins other TikTok food trends that have taken social media by storm as people spend more time experimenting with food at home. Many of them, like the three-ingredient creme brulee, the famous whipped coffee and mini pancake cereal, have been sweet sensations.

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