April 22, 2024


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What Happens To The Food On ‘Pioneer Woman’ When Filming’s Over?

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From Women’s Health

Ree Drummond is all about cooking simple, family-friendly meals. She’s famous for making tons of delicious comfort food on The Pioneer Woman, like broccoli-cheese orzotto, tomato soup, chicken nuggets with cheese and marinara and more cheese—anyone else’s stomachs suddenly growling?

But with so many dishes featured in every show, you have to wonder: What happens to all that food when Ree is done filming?

The answer is simple. Ree’s cowboy husband and four growing kids make easy work of getting rid of her latest recipes!

When the Drummonds alone can’t get the job done, Ree looks to the 25-plus people who usually help her film The Pioneer Woman. (Though, lately, her kids have been producing the show since her UK-based team can’t travel.) “If my family doesn’t finish it off, the crew definitely will,” she says.

Inevitably, some food sits out just a bit too long for people to eat. Hey, it takes time to capture the perfect shot! When that happens, Ree has a backup plan: Her seven hungry dogs.

“In those cases when the food needs to be held on to a little longer for photography or other reasons, the Drummond dogs are the happy recipients,” she says.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. 😉

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