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Toughest Summer Job: Cooking in a hot food truck | WFRV Local 5

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(WFRV) – The aroma of burgers cooking… It’s a smell that goes hand in hand with summer.  Now just imagine cooking those burgers in a baking hot food truck.

“Your days get very long very easily, so you got to be organized,” says Cole Ductan, the owner of the Bay Area Burger Food Truck. His food truck specializes in cooking smashburgers and fries that will leave you craving for more.

And while the days are long, they’re also sizzling in the summer with temperatures frequently soaring over 100 degrees inside their truck. The summertime heat can make the food truck feel like an oven, but it also affects when customers are eating.

Ductan points out, “If it is too hot people are going to tend to eat later, so you know if you set-up at 4 o’clock say, you’re not going to get busy until like 6 o’clock.”

While the heat changes when customers eat, thunderstorms limit the number of people that come to certain events.

When the forecast is good and they can serve customers, Bay Area Burger takes pride in what they put out.

“The pride…I mean.. is all in the product. The product and the name, branding is huge to me. I want to make sure I provide a good quality product and that people really realize it is a good quality product and keep coming back”

Barb Johnson is another worker at the food truck and she says, “Even though it’s very, very hot…it’s enjoyable…it’s time spent with family and it’s fun.”

A small workspace with blazing hot temperatures lands Cole, Barb, and all the workers at Bay Area Burger Food Truck in the running for the title of…

“I’m a food truck chef and I have the toughest summer job” – Cole Ductan

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