June 23, 2024


Than a Food Fitter

Tips on eating affordability in 2022

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With the New Year right around the corner, and so are their resolutions. Many of them involve adopting a better diet in the New Year, but tend to lose steam with the idea that in order to eat healthier you will have to break the bank. 

People tend to think eating healthy costs more, and become defeated and don’t ever get started, according to Hope Anderson Frugé of Health with Hope in Monroe. 

“Nutritious foods don’t have to be expensive,” Frugé said. 

A combination of DNA assessment followed by a nutrition and exercise plan as well as hCG therapy are all part of a personalized plan for weight loss.

The key to healthy food is to prepare it yourself, which is the best way to slice your food bill. 

Frequently eating out may be fun and easy, but even the most economical restaurant meals are more expensive than ones made at home. Taking the time to make a grocery list and plan your meal prep is the first step in eating both better and more affordably. 

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