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The Raddish Kids Cooking Kit Takes Quarantine Chefin’ to the Next Level

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Photo credit: Raddish Kids; Latifah Miles
Photo credit: Raddish Kids; Latifah Miles

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There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder — do they really work? In our I Tried It series, we set out to use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really do.

On Trial: Raddish Kids Monthly Cooking Kit

Tester: Miles Mitchell (and Latifah Miles, his mom), two self-professed chefs wanting to cook meals together that are suitable for both parties to enjoy

The Brief: Since March, amateur chefs across the internet have been in the kitchen stirring up the meals that have been pinned on their Pinterest boards for months — ahem — or years. In my household of two, we are no different. I’ve made everything from endless banana bread batches to a spicy shakshuka for breakfast.

Miles, my incredibly curious 7-year-old, spent that same amount of time sniffing around the kitchen, begging to help stir, pour, chop, and fully take on the role of sous-chef. In the past, I’ve cooked with Miles by my side as he clumsily cracked eggs, leaving behind a trail of shells, or he poured flour so aggressively that it exploded into a messy mushroom cloud. Needless to say, it wasn’t my favorite thing to do.

Another phenomenon that has developed in my home during this quarantine period is that Miles tends to isolate himself in his room, getting lost in his devices, while I work in the living room. We are spending less time hanging out together and it’s becoming a routine that I am not fond of. In search of things to do together that weren’t overly complicated, I stumbled upon the Raddish Kids Cooking Kits. I instantly had a That’s So Raven moment back to the heinous cooking sessions of the past, but still wanted to give Raddish a go.

Designed for your youngest chef to your teen kitchen expert, Raddish is more than just a meal kit. When I received my package, I immediately noticed all of the non-cooking goodies that the box came with. Each Raddish kit comes with three recipes, a kitchen tool, cooking tips, a shopping list, table-talk questions, and an iron-on patch that represents the meal that you’re making.

The kits range in themes from global inspirations to holiday celebrations and everything in between, so there will never be a repeat — and what you whip up will be anything but boring. For families with dietary specifications, there are substitution suggestions on Raddish’s website, so the whole gang can get in on the festivities. And the easy, monthly automation means that a flavorful staycation by way of your tastebuds regularly arrives right to your doorstep. With plans that allow you to pay monthly, twice a year, or yearly, you can easily select an option that is best for your budget.

Photo credit: Latifah Miles
Photo credit: Latifah Miles

The recipes we received were inspired by the vibrant and flavorful food of Japan, which instantly made me giddy because Miles had been bugging me for sushi all week. With the trifold recipe card in hand, Miles and I headed to the local market to gather the ingredients that were perfectly illustrated and listed. Letting him take the lead, Miles read off each ingredient we needed. I really appreciated that, aside from sushi vinegar and seaweed, we had most of the ingredients at home already. We didn’t need to fly in unicorn farts or a strand of mermaid hair in order to complete the recipe.

One of Raddish’s missions is to inspire kids to cook as a way to encourage them to try different foods that they might’ve turned their nose up at before. I saw this instantly take effect when Miles swore he hated cucumbers while shopping and didn’t want it in his sushi. After slicing them — with my supervision — and eating a piece of it, he ate an entire half of a cucumber because he liked it so much!

Within 30 minutes, Miles and I rolled up sushi that was super tasty. On top of that, we got to spend time together, and I was able to let go of my need to make the food look newsfeed-perfect and just enjoy that break from our regular routine.

Closing Argument: For families that are tired of attempting overly complicated recipes that cause more frustration than joy when trying to cook with your kids, Raddish Kids’ Monthly Cooking Kits are a fun way to get in the kitchen together.

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