July 23, 2024


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The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum Is on Sale Now

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Some people sign up to get instant alerts when concert tickets, shoes, or ceramic pans go on sale. I have a different passion: vacuum cleaner discounts. Vacuums are one of those appliances that consistently go on sale at least a few times a year, so you can easily save $50 or more just by playing the waiting game. If you see a vacuum you like, and it’s not on sale now, it will be — and probably sooner than you think!

This week’s find is a $60 discount on a multi surface vacuum that can change how you tackle wet messes on the floor and, more interestingly, how you clean your carpets and rugs. Bissell’s CrossWave Pet Pro Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac is on sale at QVC for $269.59, and it really does make good on its promise to handle both wet and dry messes.

At its heart, this is a powerful machine that clears dirt, dust, crumbs, and, as the name suggests, pet hair off floors. However, its wet-cleaning function applies a magic touch to wood, tile, and stone by giving those surfaces a good scrub as it sucks up debris. Because it has a tank on the back where you can add water and liquid cleaning solution (this bundle includes two bottles of solution, by the way), you’re always vacuuming and scrubbing. Your standard vacuum definitely doesn’t make your floors sparkle like this one does.

That dual-cleaning approach is key to wiping up wet messes in one fell swoop. Everything gets deposited into a second tank on the front, while the cleaning mixture from the back tank coats the brush to make whatever surface you’re working on look and smell fresh. That means when you run the vacuum over broken eggs, oatmeal, or pet messes that we’ll also call “oatmeal,” the picking up, spraying down, and wiping are all done at once.

When you’re done and you’ve emptied the dirty tank, washing the inside of the vacuum is surprisingly easy — mostly because it does a lot of the work itself. It includes a tray that you pour a little water into, set the vacuum in, and run it to rinse itself out. Some of the cleaning mixture will get dispersed onto the brush head, too, so you don’t have to take that out and wash it separately.

For me, though, this joined my must-have list because it works on rugs and carpets without making you change the brush head. Press either the Hard Floor or Area Rug button on the handle and zoom away. As it sucks up dirt and hair from soft surfaces, the cleaning formula scrubs your rugs and carpets clean, which is ideal for getting rid of lingering smells from pet accidents.

The key to a good wet-dry vac is not in how flashy it looks, but in how practical it is to use. Can it keep itself clean? How easily can it transition between surfaces? Does it leave an area looking — and smelling — fresher than before? Bissell’s CrossWave Pet Pro checks off all of those boxes, and the discount on this bundle is worth jumping on.

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