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Summer Fruit Bruschetta Appetizer – The Cookie Rookie®

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Peach and Strawberry Fruit Bruschetta is the perfect appetizer for any summer party or BBQ. It’s just so delicious with the perfect mix of sweet fruit, creamy goat cheese, and tangy balsamic vinegar. It’s such an easy, fruity appetizer for a crowd!

slices of strawberry and peach bruschetta

Summer Fruit Bruschetta Appetizer

This peach and strawberry bruschetta is a delicious, fresh, and fruity appetizer just perfect for summer! The tangy goat cheese and balsamic vinegar complements the fresh fruit so well.

Just because so many warm-weather get-togethers are outside doesn’t mean you can’t bring something beautiful and elegant to the party! I especially love food that is beautiful and elegant while still being incredibly simple. This summer fruit bruschetta will brighten any table and is an easy party appetizer for a crowd.

Why You’ll Love this Peach & Strawberry Bruschetta Recipe:

  • FRUITY FLAVOR: Fresh fruits and tangy goat cheese makes a a great flavor mix!
  • SUPER EASY: This is an easy, tasty, and fruity appetizer! Just combine the fruit, and pile everything up on toasted bread.
  • APPETIZER FOR A CROWD: This recipe makes a large batch, so it’s perfect for BBQs and summer parties.

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close up on piece of bruschetta with goat cheese, fruit, and basil


  • French Bread: Cut into thin slices.
  • Strawberries: Fresh is best, if available. Cut berries into small pieces.
  • Peaches: Slice into small pieces.
  • Goat Cheese: I used cranberry goat cheese to add another fruity twist to this bruschetta. But regular goat cheese is fine.
  • Balsamic Vinegar: I used raspberry white balsamic vinegar, but regular balsamic vinegar works too.
  • Basil Leaves: Fresh basil works much better than dried, and it looks great too!

How to Make Fruit Bruschetta

Be sure to see the recipe card below for full ingredients & instructions!

  1. Toast the slices of bread in the oven.
  2. Combine fruit and balsamic.
  3. Spread the goat’s cheese on each slice of toasted bread, then top with the fruit and basil.
  4. Serve fresh and enjoy!
how to make strawberry and peach fruit bruschetta step by step photos
fruit and goat cheese bruschetta with a bite taken out
Can I use different fruit?

Yes! Different fruit combos work just as well. Try mango, pineapple, or other berries instead.

What kind of bread is best for bruschetta?

I recommend using French bread or Italian bread. Something sturdy that will hold up under toppings!

Can I make this appetizer ahead of time?

This fruit bruschetta is best made and served fresh, or else it will start to get soggy. However, you can mix up the fruit and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

What’s the best type of cheese for this recipe?

Goat cheese is perfect for this bruschetta. It has the best flavor and goes well with fresh fruit. Cream cheese is a good substitute as well, though it’s not quite as tangy.

The Perfect Fruity Bruschetta Topping

Peach and strawberry bruschetta creates a beautiful and delicious dish. For the most flavorful results, combine the ingredients for the topping at least 30 minutes before you plan on serving the bruschetta. Allowing the flavors to marinate makes a huge difference in the flavor!

bruschetta appetizer topped with peach, strawberry, and basil
fruit bruschetta with a bite taken out


  • Cut the bread on an angle to make longer, more oval-shaped pieces of bread. This makes slightly larger servings.
  • You can grill the bread slices instead of toasting in the oven. Perfect for summer cookouts!
  • Marinate the topping ingredients for at least 10 minutes for best flavor.
  • Top with fresh basil, either whole leaves or chiffonade slices.
  • Serve fruit topped bruschetta immediately to avoid sogginess.

What is bruschetta?

Traditional bruschetta is an antipasto from Italy, consisting of grilled bread with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. This recipe for peach and strawberry bruschetta plays on the traditional version, but with a a fruity summer twist. Toasted bread is topped with goat cheese and fresh fruit.

Bruschetta is correctly pronounced with the Italian flair: broos-KETTA. Although the Americanized version often sounds more like: brush-ETTA.

What’s the best balsamic for fruit bruschetta?

I used a raspberry white balsamic vinegar to add another twist to this fruity appetizer. It’s delicate, delicious and makes the perfect complement to the peach and strawberry.

But don’t worry, if you don’t have this specific type, you can use any balsamic: white, brown, aged or even a balsamic glaze.

How do I cut chiffonade basil?

Those thin little slices of basil are called chiffonade, and it’s really easy to do. Make a stack of several basil leaves and roll them up like a cigar. Cut thin slices across the leaves and then unroll for beautiful basil chiffonade!

Cocktail Pairings

This appetizer pairs well with fruity, refreshing cocktails!

fruit topped appetizer on a serving board
summer bruschetta topped with fruit

This fruity bruschetta appetizer is just so simple and delicious. It’s great for summer cocktail parties and spring holidays. Everyone will love these!

If you make this recipe be sure to upload a photo in the comment section below or leave a rating. Enjoy!


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