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Stoner dad’s unrecognisable transformation after ditching weed habit and junk food diet

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Carl Whittle, 40, from Salford, Manchester, used to spend his days on the sofa getting stoned or gorging on fast food meals, but now he looks like a different person

Carl and his wife Cheryl have undergone a complete transformation
Carl and his wife Cheryl have undergone a complete transformation

A dad who used to feast on McDonald’s and Greggs and was “stoned all the time” looks unrecognisable after ditching his old habits.

Carl Whittle, 40, used to get out of breath walking up the stairs, or just taking his four year old son out for a walk in his stroller.

The joiner spent his free time getting stoned on the sofa, which then saw him resort to takeaways for tea most nights, the Manchester Evening News reports.

But after the dad of one, from Salford, Manchester, overhauled his lifestyle just before his 40th birthday, he now looks like an entirely different bloke.

Carl said: “I always wanted to change but I was always so lazy.

“It was always ‘I’ll do something tomorrow’ or ‘I will start on a Monday’ but nothing would ever happen. I needed to have some accountability.

Carl used to be “skinny fat” but now he has just nine per cent body fat



“Smoking cannabis really impacted my lifestyle. I smoked it every day without fail since probably the age of 16. I wanted to quit, so I thought if I joined the gym, that gives me more reason to.”

During the working day, he would drive to the nearest McDonald’s for breakfast every day before indulging in a Greggs for lunch.

He said: “I had no interest in exercise, I had no motivation. I was really lazy and unfit. I spent most of my time sat on the couch.”

“I had no idea about nutrition so I just ate whatever was easiest and most convenient.”

But Carl’s lifestyle concerns came to a head when he realised it was causing him to feel depressed and suffer low energy.

He signed up for a 16-week programme with his wife, Cheryl, 38, at Ultimate Performance gym in Spinningfields last summer.

Before his transformation, Carl described himself as ‘skinny fat’ – with skinny arms and legs but a larger belly.

The couple look completely unrecognisable from their former selves



After training at the gym three times a week and by overhauling his diet, he lost two stone in weight and his body fat percentage dropped from 25 per cent to nine.

Cheryl, who is a specialist nurse, also lost almost two stone after cutting out junk food and training with her partner.

They plan and prep all of their freshly cooked meals, which consist of boiled eggs or porridge for breakfast, salmon salads for lunch, and chicken and vegetables for their evening meal.

Although the change was tough initially, Carl claims the transformation has helped him in every aspect of his life and others have noticed the difference too.

Cheryl joined Carl in support to battle the new gym nerves – now she looks amazing too



“Walking into the gym was nerve-wracking and overwhelming but I was made to feel at ease straight away,” Carl said.

“It was a big change that was hard at first, but once we got used to it, I started really enjoying it and the meals.”

Eight months on, the couple have sustained their healthy regime and even hit the gym together four to five times a week with their son who enjoys Lego club and swimming lessons while they workout.

Carl said: “I’m a lot more confident, I’m out more, I’m able to do more in work and it’s easier, I’m more active, more sociable.

“I’m definitely happier. I was stoned all the time so I was always insecure and wanted to be left alone. The gym gave me something to do, it was probably more through boredom that I used to smoke and then eat sh*tty foods all the time. One habit led to another.”

Carl added: “It’s completely changed my life. The way I used to live then to the way I live now, it’s completely different; two completely different people.”

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