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Selena + Chef & 9 Other Great Celebrity Cooking Shows

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Celebrity cooking shows are always a fun way to get people interested in working on their own culinary skills. Over the past few years, celebs have either guest-starred on or even hosted their own shows. These shows are almost always great because they present the personality of viewers’ favorite celebrities while also being educational and providing actual real-life skills.

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Over lockdown, a lot more shows popped up, including the fantastic Selena + Chef, a show hosted by Selena Gomez, which is now on its third season. It’s definitely worth looking at some other celebrity cooking shows too, as there are a few series that stand out amongst the rest.

Selena + Chef (2020 – )

Selena Gomez cooking at the stove on Selena + Chef

Selena Gomez stars in her own unscripted cooking series, which was filmed in her home during quarantine. As a self-proclaimed cooking novice, she learns how to cook different dishes by remotely calling a professional chef, and listening to their tips and tricks. Gomez is a great and dedicated host, and her friends and family also often join the fray to offer her support or humorous critique.

What makes the series even better is that in each episode the show spotlights and donates to a charity of the chef’s choice. It’s a gift for the viewer to watch and a gift to the greater good. The show is now on its third season, and viewers can’t wait for more.

Cooking With Paris (2021 – )

Cooking With Paris

Cooking With Paris is a great callback show for fans of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s show, The Simple Life. In the first few episodes, viewers see Paris Hilton making breakfast food with her friend Kim Kardashian, and making a funfetti flan while also posing in her living room’s photo booth. And she does all this while dressed in fabulous outfits, of course.

The show boasts many other celebrity guests, as well as multiple fun dishes, and it’s kind of like an early-2000s throwback cooking show since that was Hilton’s most iconic decade. But in the wake of the documentary This Is Paris, the show also gives further insight into the starlet’s life.

James May: Oh Cook (2020 – )

James May in his kitchen in James May Oh Cook

James May, mostly known for his work with Top Gear, is one of the few male hosts in the learning-to-cook celebrity show genre. May makes the show great through his desire to improve and his curiosity about cooking, along with his naturally British sense of humor. The show has a real educational feel to it, so viewers can build their skills alongside the host.

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May is also helped by home economist and actual good cook, Nikki Morgan, who is apparently kept in a cupboard until her assistance is required. Ultimately, if anyone is a fan of Top Gear, they will be a fan of this show.

The Chef Show (2019 – )

Jon Favreau and Roy Choi on The Chef Show

In 2014, chef Roy Choi worked on the movie Chef with actor, writer, and director Jon Favreau. In this traveling cooking show, the two reunite. The pair travel to different locations to try a multitude of cultural dishes and to meet new and interesting people.

The show also involves a lot of celebrity chefs and stars. They even have dinner with the cast of The Avengers, including fan-favorite Spiderman actor, Tom Holland, and Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. The show is all about embracing one’s passion for food, along with Favreau and Choi’s love of bringing people together for a delicious meal.

Amy Schumer Learns To Cook (2020 – )

Poster for Amy Schumer learns to Cook

Amy Schumer Learns To Cook is another show about a celebrity learning to cook, but the added detail here is that she is taught by her husband Chris Fischer, who is a professional chef. He’s a great teacher, and due to the nature of their relationship, it brings a new and interesting take on the cooking-novice and cooking-expert dynamic that these shows so often have.

The show is also very humorous, and includes a large number of Amy Schumer quotes that are too funny for words. An uncensored version of the show, titled Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: Uncensored, also premiered earlier this year.

Celebrity MasterChef (2006 – )

Celebrity Masterchef contestants

Hosted by John Torode and Gregg Wallace, this BBC show has now been going on for 16 seasons. The series centers around a cooking competition, in which multiple celebrities, ranging from pop stars and athletes to actors and rappers, compete to see who is the “Master Chef.”

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Each week, a dwindling number of celebrities compete, with cooking challenges such as the Mystery Box Challenge and the Mass Catering Challenge, and whoever deals with these challenges the poorest is eliminated. While the show can sometimes feel intense, there have also been Christmas specials, where the competitive air is filled with a little seasonal spirit.

Cooking With The Stars (2021 – )

Cooking with the Stars contestants together in the kitchen

Hosted by Emma Willis and Tom Allen, this has recently become one of the best cooking competition shows. Celebrities are paired with professional chefs who mentor them to produce different dishes, which are then judged. But the bottom two from each episode must fight to remain by cooking a dish without their mentor’s help. What makes this show exciting is that the judging is blind, so a person’s stardom no longer matters.

In this series, not only are celebrities being judged, but the professional chefs are too, as they are eliminated along with the stars that they are paired with. Since cooking is what they have built their life upon, this definitely raises the stakes.

The Great Celebrity Bake Off For SU2C (2018 – )

The great celebrity bake-off contestants pose in their Stand Up to Cancer aprons

In this spin-off of The Great British Bake Off, celebrities join Sandi Toksvig and Matt Lucas in the tent and bake the best they can in order to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, to hopefully win the coveted Star Baker Apron. The show is often hilarious and quotable, and it is also very invested in charity since it is made in accordance with Stand Up To Cancer.

The series has become a cultural mainstay in its homeland of Britain, with thousands of people having dedicated parties every week while the show is running. Viewers are already wondering which celebrities could thrive on The Great British Bake Off next season.

Dinner At Tiffani’s (2015 – 2017)

Tiffani Amber Thiessen smiling at the camera in Dinner at Tiffani's

Saved By The Bell‘s Tiffani Thiessen had her own cooking show for three seasons in 2015, where the actress enjoyed hosting themed dinner parties for her friends. Themes included a game night, a pizza party, and a girl’s night in. Her party guests were pretty star-studded too, including Seth Green, Tim Meadows, Matthew Lillard, and Saved By The Bell co-stars Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez.

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Thiessen is a likable host, and unlike many other celebrity cooking shows, she actually knows how to cook. So viewers can simply relax while watching her make delicious dinners, and feel like we are sitting amongst her famous friends as they have their dinner.

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party (2016 – )

In one of the most amazingly bizarre team-ups, rapper Snoop Dogg works with culinary empress Martha Stewart in this cooking series where both of them put their own spin on different themed meals. The series has become somewhat iconic for its unlikely pairing, and this is what makes it stand out amongst its competitors. The two have odd yet enticing chemistry, which is heightened by the live audience and sweetly old-fashioned set of the show.

The third season developed into more of a competition format, which makes the dynamic even more interesting. This change also lets the show host an array of celebrity judges, such as William Shatner.

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