June 9, 2023


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Salt that is crazy seasoned salt is your best bet

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Homemade Seasoned Salt Recipe | Allrecipes

Most people have one or two go-to seasonings in their kitchen. Ann Lovejoy, my younger sister, finds and shares many such items. They are collected behind the stove. There you’ll find our Texas Tabascos and a smoked blend of ground chiles, of course. The blends consist of three types of peppers: a red, white, green, and black berry blend, Grains of Paradise, and smoked black pepper. You’ll most likely find salts. Annie fennel flower and basil variety are among those found from an Oregon cottage maker. We also have flaked and kosher salt, as well as Himalayan pink and our own version of Jane’s Crazy Salt.

The owner of this cottage industry turned international food producer was Jane. Overbrook, Pennsylvania, grandmother Jane Semans brewed seasoning blends in her kitchen and shared the products with neighbors and friends. During the summer of 1962, Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt was trademarked, and the rest is history.

A variety of seasoning blends bearing her name are sold around the world by the company bearing her name. We have supported Jane’s for years, and we like to support good companies. The Krazy salt has been our go-to blend for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What is the reason why salt is by far and away the most commonly used seasoning?

In addition to making food taste salty, Sodium Chloride, or table salt, serves many other functions. It suppresses some flavors, too. According to general consensus, humans can taste sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. Adding salt to many food combinations can help make them more palatable, making things that would not otherwise be palatable. There has been some debate over whether salt also enhances other benefits. Those who study such things have determined that salt doesn’t chemically enhance anything. However, adding salt to certain ingredients reduces the activity of the water within them, so we humans are able to perceive the volatile aromatics better.Here’s a practical example of Almost every lemon pepper seasoning jar you can find has salt as the first ingredient – that’s not just because salt is tasty, but because lemon pepper is made with lemon peel, and if you are not super careful when harvesting the peel and not the pith, you could end up with an inferior product., (the yellow as opposed to the white), what you get is in fact quite bitter. The salt mellows the potentially unpleasant bitter notes and creates a harmonious blend.

Salt is also a healthy food – yes, it has health benefits. It is essential to human survival that we drink water. Salt helps distribute water throughout the body. From digestion to brain function, sodium and potassium levels in our bodies are critical. If you eat too much sodium, your kidneys will get rid of it for you.

As an added bonus, today’s profusion of natural salts for cooking brings a wealth of traces of flavors from the various minerals attached to them. It is for this reason that salts mixed with other things we like can often be found on the back ledge of my stove.

Jane’s is, of course, primarily a salt business. It looks to me like the salt they use is coarse kosher, which is perfect for blending herbed salts. Herbs and spices are well captured by the shaker’s large, jagged grains, resulting in a homogenous blend. Garlic, onion, celery salt, black pepper, crushed red chiles, and sage are the remaining ingredients. For recreating a blend, it’s important to have an understanding of the proper proportions of each ingredient. You can see below what we believe is a precise replica of the original, as well as our favorite version.


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