Where’s the Beef? Not in This Popular Site’s Recipes Anymore


Food and cooking website Epicurious made a big announcement on Monday, with some critics saying it’s a “drastic” one. “Epicurious is cutting out beef,” the site, which falls under the Conde Nast umbrella, posted in a tweet, explaining that beef will no longer be included in any of the brand’s new recipes, articles, or other collateral, per the Takeout. Epicurious explains the move is an effort to “encourage more sustainable cooking,” and to help combat the effects of climate change, as nearly 15% of greenhouse gas emissions around the world emanate from livestock, with the majority of emissions traced back to cows and beef. The site notes it actually stopped publishing most beef-centered recipes about a year ago, and that readers seemed receptive to the alternatives it’s been publishing instead.

Epicurious also acknowledges that nixing beef isn’t a “silver bullet”—other animals raised for

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Get Ready to Throw Away All Your Old Spatulas and Replace Them with This One

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If you are a cook, even an occasional cook, you probably have a rubber spatula. These tools are essential for working in the kitchen, from gently folding delicate batters or mousses, to effectively scraping every last drop from a bowl, to being the ideal utensil for stirring scrambled eggs. If you are anything like me, once you begin cooking, the search for the perfect rubber spatulas commences: extra-large professional sizes for deep bowls of fluffy angel food cake batter, long skinny ones for getting every last bit out of a jar, spoon-shaped ones for transferring ingredients, tiny ones for tiny jobs and every size and shape in between. And when you start collecting, you also begin to learn that many rubber spatulas have some problems.

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The problem(s) with rubber-headed spatulas

Old-school true “rubber” headed spatulas

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These popular food hacks don’t actually work

The endless cooking advice in magazines and hacks found online can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned home cooks. Should you be covering your leftover avocados in lemon juice to stop them browning and is it possible to make potato wedges using an apple corer? We debunk the most popular cooking hacks, tips and tricks that don’t actually work.

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Some advice suggests that adding salt to water will make it boil faster and cook your food quicker. It doesn’t quite work like that, though. Salted water has a higher boiling point, meaning it will take longer to boil. You should still season your pasta or potato water, just do it after it’s reached boiling point.

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How Tampa went from fast food badland to supercool trailblazer

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To tide us over until we’re able to travel again, we’re republishing classic travel stories from our archives. This week we revisit Ashwin Bhandari’s trip to Tampa to see a food scene revolutionised by a new generation of chefs.

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On a Friday night in Seminole Heights, The Refinery restaurant is buzzing. Every seat is taken and diners spill onto the terrace, their tables heaving with colourful food. This isn’t what I expected to find in Tampa, a city that was once known as the best place to trial fast food franchises.

“We opened in 2010 to the sound of crickets,” says The Refinery founder Greg Baker. “Locals weren’t exposed to good food back then, but we’ve seen a change. Now they want interesting flavours, from fresh produce, at affordable prices, and Tampa

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