July 14, 2024


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Malia White Gives Her Honest Opinion About Chef Mathew Shea’s Cooking

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After two unexpected departures from Lady Michelle on this season of Below Deck Mediterranean, it’s safe to say Mathew Shea has left his crew mates with some mixed feelings. However, charter guests seem to have a unanimous opinion about the chef: His food is fantastic.

Malia White certainly agrees. “It was delicious,” the bosun told BravoTV.com about Mathew’s cooking. “I think compared to some of the other chefs that we’ve seen, we don’t see the same level of plating, but his food, taste-wise, is absolutely amazing.”

Malia also recently shared her thoughts about Mathew’s frustration over cooking crew lunch on drop-off days. During Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen‘s July 27 episode, Andy Cohen read a viewer’s question for Malia. “Why do you think Mat was so shocked when he was asked to cook crew lunch?” he asked. “Even on an off day isn’t that a part of every yacht chef’s job description?”

“It’s definitely something every chef has to do,” Malia replied. “I think he was just shocked… I think maybe he thought during filming, things would be different, but it’s not.”

In a recent interview with BravoTV.com, Mathew opened up about why being a one-person culinary team is “the hardest part” about being a yacht chef. “It’s just a lot of work: Ordering, provisioning, putting stuff away, prepping, cooking for crew, cooking for guests, washing dishes,” he said. “It’s demanding.”

Want more Below Deck Med? Season 6 airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo with early access to new episodes on Peacock.

— Reporting by Laura Rosenfeld

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