June 19, 2024


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Made In Just Released a New Pasta Set

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There is nothing like a good bowl of pasta. Creamy, cheesy, bright, and warm – if we could have it for every meal, we would (and sometimes, we do). We love it so much, in fact, we have several methods we swear by for cooking and applying finishing touches to everything from gluten-free to homemade pasta. Whipping up a pot of noodles is pretty much the quickest, easiest weeknight dinner ever for when you’re are too tired to cook, but even so, that still means lots of dishes to wash. The pot, the skillet, the strainer… it adds up!

That’s why we got excited when we found out that Made In, one of our favorite DTC brands, just launched a new Pasta Set. The brand often teams up with acclaimed chefs to design and manufacture top-notch cookware (they also make high-quality bakeware and tabletop essentials, as well as some of our all-time favorite knives), so you can rest assured that all their products are chef grade. This brand new set is no exception, hitting all the right marks when it comes to quality, efficiency, design, and price.

The Pasta Set includes Made In’s bestselling 8-qt. stockpot, crafted in Italy with five-ply stainless steel that is oven safe up to 800 degrees. It’s constructed from the very highest quality stainless steel and compatible with gas and induction stovetops alike. Essentially, whether you are using this pot for pasta, slow-braises, or actual stock, it will get the job done.

Bundled along with the stockpot is the Pasta Insert, an ingenious contraption that can be used time and time again without warping or discoloring. Similar to a steamer basket, the insert fits perfectly in the 8-qt. pot. Put it into the pot before adding your pasta (or even before adding water); then, once your noodles are cooked to al-dente perfection, simply lift the insert from the pot, and voila! You’ll never forget to save a cup of pasta water again! When you do finally drain the remaining water, the pot’s extra-wide handles should be cool enough to hold and easy to maneuver as your pour. And when it’s time to put it all away, everything stacks neatly together to save you storage space.

Don’t let the Pasta Set’s name fool you — it’s a handy tool that can work for all sorts of boiled and drained cookery! Think broccoli or potatoes, lentils, seafood, or hard-boiled eggs. Whether you plan to whip up spaghetti carbonara or slow-cooked broth, this set is bound to become one of the most used pieces in your cookware arsenal.

Buy: Made In Pasta Set, $209 (normally $248)


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