March 1, 2024


Than a Food Fitter

Jake Angeli, the QAnon shaman, moved to jail with organic food

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Jacob Chansley, who also goes by Jake Angeli, is seen in court sketches by courthouse sketch Maggie Keane at the Sandra Day O'Connor U.S courthouse in Phoenix on Jan. 15, 2020. Angeli was arrested and is facing felony charges related to the Jan. 6 raid on the U.S. Capitol.

To accommodate a judicial order that he be fed an organic diet, the Phoenix man who took part in the raid of the U.S. Capitol wearing a fur hat with horns was moved Thursday to a jail in Alexandria, Virginia, that could give him his preferred food. 

Jake Angeli was moved out of the D.C. Department of Corrections and booked into Alexandria Detention Center, according to a memorandum filed in federal court on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the jail said it was not certain if Angeli had eaten since being booked into the jail, but said food is typically available for incoming inmates who need sustenance. An attorney for Angeli said in court during a Wednesday hearing that his client had not eaten for nine days.

Angeli, a self-described shaman, had requested an all-organic diet from the D.C. facility in keeping with his shamanistic beliefs, but that jail denied the request, saying it could not find evidence that organic food was part of the shaman religion. | Newsphere by AF themes.