June 8, 2023


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Freeze dried food popularity

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Freeze-dried foods are extremely popular among hikers, backpackers, culinary masters, individuals in the field of space exploration or military, and also ordinary consumers. Freeze-dried foods have a high demand due to their beneficial features. First of all, compared with foods dehydrated by other methods, freeze-dried foods, also known as lyophilized foods, maintain superior quality. Freeze-dried foods go through the freeze-drying process, in which the temperature of the food product is lowered to below freezing, and then high pressure is applied to extract the water in the form of vapor. The absence of a liquid phase and the low temperature of the process helps to retain the physical structure of the product. Since the physical structure of the food is not damaged during the lyophilization, freeze-dried food retains much of its color, aroma, shape, appearance, texture, and flavor when it is prepared for consumption by reintroducing hot or cold water. Because the freeze-drying process removes almost all moisture from the food product, freeze-drying produces lighter foods that can be stored, shipped, and handled conveniently. Also, freeze-dried foods have a longer shelf life than foods made by other dehydration methods, including years and even decades.  By the way, freeze-dried foods retain most of the nutrition of raw or fresh products. All in all, the benefits of freeze-dried foods that make them more attractive to consumers than foods preserved by some other methods include the retention of physical structure, taste, aroma, appearance,  long shelf life, and reduced weight. To find out more about freeze-dried foods, click this link.

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