June 9, 2023


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Foods enriched with Vitamin C to include in your diet for a healthy body

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Vitamin C is an essential vitamin required by the body for various body functions. Its requirement is all the more important during these days of the pandemic- where maintaining a healthy body and boosting immunity is the need of the hour! Dietitian Garima Goyal offers insight on the subject and reveals that this water-soluble vitamin is available in plenty of foods- but still, most Indians lag behind when it comes to meeting the daily requirement of Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid from foods.

The functions of Vitamin C in our body are numerous- from boosting the immune system to functioning as an excellent anti-oxidant, from helping in collagen synthesis to increasing the absorption of Iron in the body, this vitamin greatly helps us lead a healthy and disease-free life. Here are some foods that people can include in the daily diet to up their Vitamin C quotient!

  1. Amla or Indian gooseberry

This ancient Indian fruit is the richest source of Vitamin C- providing 600mg per 100g of Amla! Having it as it is, or in a preserved form as a pickle or even as a powder can easily help meet the adult daily requirement as the Vitamin content in Amla is retained both in fresh and dried forms. No doubt it is called the Indian superfood!

  1. Guava

Often underrated, the yummy guava contains enough Vitamin C to meet our requirements. Just 100g of Guava has the power to double up Iron absorption from the food. It’s about time we give this ‘wonder fruit’ all the attention it deserves- So, make sure to stock up guavas on your next market visit!

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  1. Papaya

Yet another fruit containing the goodness of vitamin C and even Vitamin A- Papaya contains 64 mg of Vitamin C in just 100g. Just a cup of Papaya can easily fulfill our daily needs in addition to fighting inflammation.

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  1. Sprouts

Another source of Vitamin C less discussed is sprouted lentils. While normal Dal and Lentils are nowhere close to being rich sources, germination can significantly increase the nutrient content- particularly vitamin C and antioxidant amounts in them. Hence, include them in your salads, or a sprouts khichdi can be a great option for picky eaters.

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  1. Amaranth greens

The hype around Amaranth is for all the right reasons. Including Amaranth Leaves daily can greatly improve the Vitamin C content in our foods- in addition to being a rich source of Iron as well! Just 100g fresh leaves contain 43.3 mg of Vitamin C. Having them in your salads, Rotis, Dals, or Saag can be a great meal option to include this superfood in your diet!

Make sure you include all these foods to increase the Vitamin C levels in your diet. But make sure to not heat the foods too much or cook them in excess water as this vitamin is both heat and water labile!

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